Scarlet and Violet update teases brand-new Pokemon forms

Scarlet and Violet update teases brand-new Pokemon forms
The Pokemon Company

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Joseph Kime


30th May 2023 13:50

There's plenty left to see in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, and we don't just mean the game itself after its glitch and bug cleanup. The latest Pokemon games might've had a rocky launch but sold unfathomably well.

It's what we expect of the franchise at this stage, and though it has remained pretty unchanged at its core, one of the largest changes that the franchise has had is introducing paid DLC to the fray rather than releasing an all-encompassing third instalment in the series, like Emerald or Platinum.

Some still dream of the days we'd get one last game before the next adventure, but this new system means that fans get to experience the entire title from front to back for less. After all, any new content is welcome. And some of this new content may just have been teased by a brand-new update to Pokemon HOME.

Pokemon HOME teases new Pokemon forms

Scarlet and Violet update teases brand-new Pokemon forms
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Twitter - mattyoukhana_

A new update has rolled into Pokemon HOME, the app that serves as a PC system for Pokemon across various titles. It's been dug up to reveal that there could be a new form for an existing Pokemon in our future.

A datamine has hinted that the update - intended to root Pokemon Scarlet & Violet in the app - has revealed that a new form for Spidops could arrive in the games. This is via a new egg appearing in its files.

It'll be interesting to see what kind of form this will reveal for the Bug-type beastie, but it also reveals that the Pokemon Company has built fail safes for Tandemaus and Maushold if they didn't have any assigned gender, as well as all of the ride forms of Koaidon and Miraidon.

Is the new Spidops coming in Scarlet and Violet DLC?

Scarlet and Violet update teases brand-new Pokemon forms
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The Pokemon Company

It's expected that this new form of the Pokemon will be making its first appearance in the upcoming Hidden Treasure Of Area Zero narrative DLC for Scarlet & Violet - but there's every chance that this is just a mistake.

Some fans have theorised that this is merely a planned adaption of the Pokemon, and that could be fair enough - but we're still hoping it'll make an appearance soon. After all, Spidops was a pretty basic form that could do with a buff, and it's about time that Bug-types got their time in the sun.

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