Resident Evil Village fans have been saying Lady Dimitrescu wrong, as Capcom finally confirms how to pronounce the big bad's name properly.

10:45, 16 Apr 2021

Move over Ada Wong, there's a new boss b*tch in town for Resident Evil. Since 1996, Capcom has churned out games like T-Virus zombies and delivered some great video game villains who are women. From the aforementioned Ada Wong to an Umbrella-controlled Jill ValentineAlexia Ashford to Alex Wesker, the women of the franchise don't mess around. Now, as we head into a new chapter with Resident Evil Village, Lady Alcina Dimitrescu looks like she'll give the rest a run for their money. There's only one problem, we don't know how to say her name.

When Resident Evil Village was first announced last year, the internet exploded with questions, fan art, and adoration for "Tall Vampire Lady". This imposing figure was later confirmed as Lady Dimitrescu - who rules over her own brood of vampiric daughters at Castle Dimitrescu. As Lady D continues to captivate us all, it turns out we've been saying her name wrong this entire time. While the general school of thought was that it's pronounced "Dee-mee-tress-koo", we were way off the mark.


How have we been saying Lady Dimitrescu wrong?

During the latest showcase, there were a tonne of Resi-related announcements and we finally got to see some Village combat. However, the big reveal was how to say Dimitrescu. Here, host  Brittney Brombacher said, "Now in the last showcase we promised that another demo was coming this spring. Something tells me it won't involve casual tea time with Lady Dimetrescu, but I don't think the internet would mind that". Brombacher made a conscious effort to really pronounce Dimitrescu as "Dee-muh-treesk". So there we have it, there's no "oo" on the end. 

It might sound like a relatively minor point, but we're guessing Capcom has told Brombacher to make sure she nails the pronunciation. With the release of the game just around the corner, it's not great that most fans don't even know what to call one of the main characters. Away from the fact we've been saying Lady Dimitrescu wrong this entire time, the jam-packed showcase revealed the second playable Village demo and confirmed the fan-favourite Mercenaries mode is back for the eighth main entry.



What else do we know about Lady Dimitrescu?

Even though Lady D doesn't look like she's the de-facto big bad, she's quickly stepped out in front as the title's most marketable asset. In a recent promo, Dimitrescu was soon losing her temper after a phone call to a mystery woman called Mother Miranda. The footage also confirmed that Lady Dimitrescu was on the hunt for Ethan Winters as revenge for what he did to one of Alcina's daughters, suggesting the family's vampiric ranks will soon be whittled down by our tormented hero. 

When it comes to what's actually going on in Resident Evil Village, who Lady Dimitrescu is working for, and how Ethan gets pulled back into this wicked world, your guess is as good as ours. There's also a question mark hanging over Chris Redfield's involvement and whether we'll see the return of some classic RE villains as the ultimate puppet master. Come on, it's been 12 years since we last saw Albert Wesker. Thankfully, there's less than a month to go until Resident Evil Village releases. It means you've got more than enough time to work on your pronunciation of "Dee-muh-treesk". 



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Images via Capcom

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