An extra-hard mode has been leaked for Resident Evil Village, that could make each playthrough of Capcom's next game completely different.

13:40, 15 Apr 2021

As Lady Dimitrescu prepares to stretch her talons and claw her way to the front of Resident Evil Village, we're closer than ever to the release of the eighth main entry in Capcom's long-running zombie franchise. The developer has already given us a peek behind the doors of Castle Dimitrescu with the first reveal trailer and Maiden demo, but with a second Resident Evil Showcase nearly here, we're getting a better understanding of what to expect.

Whichever way you look at it, Resident Evil Village is poised to be the biggest game in the series yet. Players already know the story will once again pick up with Ethan Winters, who is drawn back into the horrors of this world after surviving the massacre of the Baker House. Alongside usual mechanics like a limited inventory and crafting, there's more of the tense first-person perspective we first saw in RE7. Something new to Village is the idea that each playthrough will be completely different thanks to a mode that's extra difficult.


How will each Resident Evil Village playthrough be different?

The latest scoop comes from reputable leaker Aesthetic Game, aka Dusk Golem. Here, they claimed Resident Evil Village could seriously up its replayability factor thanks to a new mode that's billed as being "extremely difficult". Posting online, they explained how the new mode will be similar to RE7's "Ethan Must Die" and called it  "Ethan Must Die 2.0" - although we're guessing that isn't the official name. It was apparently born out of the idea of adding "Ethan Must Die" to the next game, but instead, it expanded into its own fully-fledged replay mode that will challenge even the most seasoned S.T.A.R.S. agent. 

When completing the main story, the extra-hard mode will apparently unlock, which means every Resident Evil Village playthrough will be completely different. In terms of what to expect, the mode could randomise every item and enemy in-game. If you think you know how to navigate the blood-flooded cellars of the castle and know where every jump scare enemy is lurking, think again. Added to this, randomised items are sure to make your second attempt at completing the campaign even more difficult. Just because that much-needed herb was there last time you needed it, you could find yourself bleeding out in the woods as a ravenous werewolf hunts you down. 



What else do we know about Resident Evil Village's hard mode?

Heading back to 2017's Resident Evil 7, "Ethan Must Die" was a challenging minigame that was released as part of the title's first DLC. Here, players had to navigate the main house with limited items and without checkpoints. Dying would send you right back to the start and spawn a statue where you died. Smashing the statue would reward you with an item to help you on your quest. With melee effectively redundant and traps everywhere, headshots were essential to beating the mode. By the sounds of it, Capcom has taken this idea and really ran with it in Village

The idea of a harder mode is a big plus for making sure we head back to the snow-capped nightmares of Village. Part of the games' appeal is the jump scares around every corner, so if you don't know what's coming next, there's another reason to at least play one more time. Whether Capcom will confirm the mode before release, wait until Village's launch, or whether it's all just rumours remains to be seen. However, the news keeps on coming.


We know a second demo will drop before the game's main release on May 7, which will finally include some elements of combat. The clock is ticking toward Resident Evil Village's release and we can't wait.



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