Johnnyboi_i has partnered with Psyonix to put on the second annual Salt Mine 1v1 event.

17:00, 10 Jun 2020

Salt Mine 1v1 is being brought to our screens for the second year running, courtesy of Johnnyboi_i teaming up with Psyonix. As opposed to the first instalment, games will be broadcast live rather than pre-recorded and has a unique format. Inviting the 32 highest ranked players on the 1v1 leaderboards from each region (NA and EU), Salt Mine will open its doors to players with the highest MMR in 1's to compete for what's believed to be a prize pool of around $30,000.

The event will be split between NA and EU, with Middle Eastern players being eligible to play in the European Qualifiers, and players from South America able to compete in the North American Qualifiers. Unlike last year, there will be no world finals, just separate regional grand finals.

Due to the event being a partnership between Johnnyboi_i and Psyonix, this does mean that Psyonix's competition regulations must be followed, resulting in a minimum age requirement of 15. Players in the top 32 who fall below the age of 15, like last years' 4th placed Chronic and the worlds 4th highest-ranked 1v1 player Danielrl3, will not be allowed to participate.

For ineligible players within the top 32, such as underage players or second accounts, the 33rd player will be invited, and so on until we have the top 32 players, not top 32 accounts. 

Last year saw Sandrock Gaming star oKhaliD take home the winnings, which was a considerably smaller prize pool of $5,000 ($2,000 for the winner), with Flakes in 2nd, Lethamyr in 3rd and Chronic in 4th. 

In Johnnyboi_i's most recent event, Fusion, Fairy Peak! was crowned the 1v1 champion in his last ever 1's event, meaning he won't be playing in the Salt Mine, leaving oKhaliD favourite in EU. Over in NA, Rogue's Firstkiller was crowned champion in 1v1, pipping LionBlaze 4-2 in the final, meaning he comes into Salt Mine being the player to beat.

You can watch Salt Mine unfold on Johnnyboi_i's Twitch Channel, with Qualifiers starting 21st June, and a full list of participants will be made available on the 19th June.

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