Saizen Apologises For Behaviour After Being Benched By A 'Broken' RLCS Team

Saizen Apologises For Behaviour After Being Benched By A 'Broken' RLCS Team
Williams Resolve

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Jack Marsh


16th May 2022 14:52

UK esports organisation Williams Resolve adopted quite an unusual approach into Rocket League, announcing their entrance before then scanning the scene to find some of the hottest talent around. While this effort may not have proved worthwhile in the start, a marquee signing and an experienced coach has helped prepare the roster for a decent shot at placing top eight in Europe.

However, back-to-back-to-back losses in the Regional 1 qualifying stage to SK Gaming, pick-up squad Suhhh, and Guild Esports left them red-faced and in dire straights. Regional 2 ended in the same fashion, after a 0-9 record in three games versus The Bricks, Juicers, and Na'Vi left the team dismembered.

With cryptic tweets coming out from members of the roster, Williams Resolve made the bold move to bench Thiméo "Saizen" Corcuff, who is arguably one of the biggest rising stars in the scene.

Saizen Apologises For Behaviour After Being Benched By Williams Resolve

The benching came prior to the last fixture against Natus Vincere, with Williams Resolve tweeting that an update would follow as to why Saizen will not be featuring in the remainder of the season. The organisation wrote, "The behaviour displayed during our games this evening is behaviour which the player has previously been warned for and then subsequently fined for by ourselves."

The 16-year-old French prospect was not released by the organisation though, as they pledged to "continue to try and educate him on what it means to be a professional in the esports space and in line with the culture and the values we stand for at Resolve."

Following the benching, Saizen took to social media himself, writing a Twitlonger on the situation. 

Saizen said, "To make it very quick I have always been a depressive person and I always acted super toxic person towards everyone. I'm still trying my best to change I swear... I apologise for that but I don't expect anyone to forgive me but more to understand me."

Detailing the behaviour, Saizen admitted to rage-quitting the TeamSpeak channel mid-game, following a breakdown in communication between himself and Pierre "ppryyme" Binet. 

"I communicated my best and I played super good. Pryyme wasn't comming, he was barely speaking which tilted me as he literally made a tweet saying that I was selfish for doing that. I messaged stake and rix to make things change, pryyme kept on not comming that much. It tilted me even more so I rage-quitted the TeamSpeak for the second time," he continued.


Rix Ronday Comes Out Of Retirement To Feature In RLCS Spring Split

Saizen continued, "Of course, I'm still motivated as f**k to play the last regional it just depends on the team decision." He has already tried to mend the relationship, especially with new teammate Marc "Stake" Bosch, who he apologised for bringing from "one broken team to an even more broken one."

However, if there comes any silver lining in this episode, long-time Rocket League esports fans will be able to see Rix "Rix_Ronday" Ronday in action once again, as he comes out of retirement to substitute in.

Rix_Ronday is regarded as a sweetheart of the RLCS scene and has been an exemplar player on rosters for Wolves Esports and Method in the past.


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