Rocket League Voice Chat Is Proving Itself To Be A Welcome Addition - If It's Used Right

Rocket League Voice Chat Is Proving Itself To Be A Welcome Addition - If It's Used Right
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Jack Marsh


11th May 2022 11:29

Rocket League's reputation of having a somewhat childish and undeveloped player base is well documented, with many instances of questionable exchanges between casual and even professional opponents over the years. With this in mind, the new updates to Rocket League's voice chat were met with hesitation. However, two days into the revamped system and players are loving it... when it's used correctly.

The previous iteration of Rocket League's in-game voice chat was discarded due to being functionally inadequate, often breaking up and sounding completely muffled. This led players to take to the quick chats, where the universal language of the rocketeers was developed. What. A. Save! 

Now, the voice chat has been fixed, and despite many streamers previously being very cautious about the addition, so far, it appears that the community is using it to its best ability. 

Rocket League Adds Cross-Platform Voice Chat

For the first time since its release, players on different platforms can finally communicate with efficiency, having previously only been able to speak, and even text, to people on the same console or PC. 

While quick chat was universal, the community has been begging for the chance to vibe with their random teammates, and the addition has seen iconic clips surface within a matter of minutes - of course, some good old Rick Astley karaoke with randomers was inevitable. 

The voice chat system is restricted to either party chat or team chat, meaning that slamming on your opponents is forbidden, despite the calls for it.

With the update hitting the game on May 10, the player base has loved it, and has even behaved responsibly, so far.


Rocket League Players Love The New Voice Chat

The new voice chat system in Rocket League has quickly become so popular that players are experiencing post-vibe comedowns. Having enjoyed one game so much through vibing and entertainment with a full squad of players, Moist Esports' Joe "Joyo" Young has now echoed many fans' sentiment of being "bored" when they find a lobby with no communicating teammates.

With the community in such great spirits, steamers that were previously somewhat cautious of the addition have enjoyed themselves so far. Mirella "Miramasa" Gerrits of Spacestation Gaming has already labelled it as a "W", after finding Lanzarote travelling companions.

How long this bubble will last though is another debate. So far, the community has revelled in the chance to sing, mimic, and actually call out with teammates. But should the bubble burst and the renowned toxicity creep in, Rocket League's most recent addition could land people in hot water. 

The chat functionality can be actively switched off, if necessary, and when it's activated a voice overlay system is enabled to showcase who is speaking.

We hope that the Rocket League community has matured in the last few years, following Epic Games' introduction, and a good thing won't be ruined.


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