Rocket League players jealous of incredible RL China garage

Rocket League players jealous of incredible RL China garage
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Jack Marsh


13th Mar 2023 17:06

Since the dawn of time, Rocket League's garage has been exactly the same. Eight years down the line and there's been few updates as to how you can look at and design your cars.

Whether you simply like changing the same Octane build or like having an array of different cars in your garage, the UI layout in the game has gotten boring, and it's a tedious process when you want to flick through and compare your sets.

What makes it worse is that there is already a pre-existing garage model in the Rocket League universe that stumps the one we have now, and that is on the Chinese version of the game.

Chinese Rocket League has a better Garage for your cars

The Chinese version of Rocket League has many differences from the main version we see played everywhere else across the globe. 

Not only do they have a live ball trajectory tracker (like the one we see in some training packs) in their games, but they also have a different trading process and a completely different garage.

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The garage in Rocket League China showcases all of your cars in a shelf-like fashion, almost like a shoe collection in a famous athlete's house.

Rocket League fans want the RL China Garage in the next season

Next season will mark the eleventh since Rocket League went free to play, and it's likely that this will bring a new chapter to Rocket League, starting over at Season 1, similar to how Epic operates with Fortnite - given that free-to-play was introduced at the end of the first Chapter's Season 10.

Now, fans have demanded that the Chinese Rocket League garage comes over to the main game with the next Season or Chapter, alongside Unreal Engine 5.

"It’s super clean and miles better than sorting one by one, can’t wait for something like it to be implemented," said one fan on Reddit.

Another fan added, "I need this. I like to have 20 presets and it's a pain in the ass to have to go one by one until I get to the one I want."

Rocket League Season 10 has only just come into play, but we'll hope this garage redesign is coming soon.

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