Psyonix rolls out the Rat race.

15:00, 18 Jan 2020

You know what is an important part of Chinese New Year? Rockets! And you know who's got plenty of those? Rocket League, of course! Indeed, the festival seems like a great fit for the game, one which its developers have picked up on as well.

Lanterns and envelopes

Psyonix has announced that, starting Monday, the game will celebrate the festival with the Lucky Lanterns event. This will run until February 10th and yield Red Envelopes for games played. These can then be turned in for a variety of specially themed items.

There are special wheels, decals, toppers, a title. Something for everyone, one would say. If this happens to not be the case, however, you can also exchange the envelopes for Golden Lanterns. These contain Champions Series 1-3 throwback items, in case you missed them before.

Prepare to grind for those envelopes though. Lanterns go for 150 red ones, with the other cosmetics priced in the 50-150 range. After the event finishes, you have until February 13th to exchange them.

Forbidden Temple map added

Everyone will also get a free item for logging in and there is a new map to celebrate on. The Forbidden Temple looks quite welcoming considering its name, with a pleasant color scheme and accompanying themed props.

Have a look at it in the video below:

Looks spiffy, no?

*Actual* Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring Festival, starts on January 25th. This year, it will mark the Year of the Rat. As the first sign of the Chinese zodiac, this animal symbolizes prosperity and new beginnings, both things I think we can all use more of.

Well, those and that Dragon Topper!

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