‘Twas the night before Regionals, let’s take a dive; straight into the rankings for after Week 5.

18:30, 09 Sep 2020

‘Twas the night before Regionals, when all through NA
Not a team was stirring, not even PK
The rankings were written for last week with care
The Grid proved that all teams were rightfully there

#10 - Alpine Esports (+0) - percy., Jordan, majicbear

Alpine were nestled all snug in tenth place
While visions of top eight lit up their face
They tried to be better than the Pioneers
But overtimes meant that their chance disappears

#9 - Susquehanna Soniqs (+0) - Shock, Satthew, jruss

The Soniqs went out of The Grid on a platter
First rounds getting swept, it’s no laughing matter
Regain for the Regionals, come back to smash
And last week will surely not cause such a splash

#8 - Kansas City Pioneers (+0) - rapid, Memory, BeastMode

For KCP, playoffs are always secured
The rookies from Kansas have quickly matured
If ‘average’ maybe is how they appear
With BeastMode they’re always a lineup to fear

#7 - Pittsburgh Knights (+0) - radoko., kinseh, ZPS.

The Knights have been solid for multiple weeks
The lows not that low and no crazy weird peaks
Just taking it slow and then fight for each game
They slowly can grow and become a big name

#6 - Rogue (+0) - Kronovi, Firstkiller, Turinturo

Now Turo, Kronovi, and firstkiller too
They made it so far but then lost to G2
They’re always so close to becoming top four
They’ve got what it takes, so go get it some more

#5 - The Peeps (+0) - Gyro., AYYJAYY, Allushin

The team came out strong with two very good sweeps
That’s nothing you wouldn’t expect from the Peeps
In Envy, they met the superior team
But getting top four is not merely a dream

#4 - G2 Esports (+0) - Jknaps, Rizzo, Chicago

G2 are the samurai, ready to fight
It gets them top four, so it’s going alright
Top two looks so close but not yet close enough
The other top-four teams are just really tough

#3 - NRG Esports (+0) - GarrettG, Jstn, SquishyMuffinz

This Regional tells us: how fares NRG?
The last time was second, but this time we’ll see
Of course, they would rather be sitting in first
For NRG, though, third place isn’t the worst

#2 - Team Envy (+0) - Atomic, Mist, Turbopolsa

Team Envy - how brave! In the finals they fought
They tried to get first place, but all was for naught
Well, naught - they get money and Grid Points as well
They just want to win again, that we can tell

#1 - Spacestation Gaming (+0) - Sypical, Arsenal, Retals

The absolute kings of the RLCS
Did not get complacent, despite the success
The Sypical, Retals, and Arsenal run
Is still going strong; they are still number one

Week 5 of The Grid gets the players prepared
For Regional 2, when no team will be spared
I wish you, with all these great matches in sight

Happy Regionals to all, and to all a good night!


Image via ZeeboDesigns

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