With a week off before the Fall Major, here’s what Europe’s top ten looks like

17:35, 05 Oct 2020

The teams are set, The Grid spots secured, and the European Fall Major is ready to go. Last week saw the final edition of the Fall Split's Grid, with Vodafone Giants taking the title thanks to a convincingly dominant performance. Let's see how Europe stacks up in the Power Rankings.

On the cusp:

  • Dignitas reached the playoffs of The Grid for the first time thanks to super sub Jessie
  • Singularity reached the quarterfinals of The Grid and barely missed out on retaining their spot

#10: Oxygen Esports (-1) - Ferra / Chaussette45 / AztraL

Yet another disappointing performance from Oxygen, this time losing to Liquid and Singularity in the group stage of The Grid, means they slide down to the bottom spot of the Power Rankings. Having barely qualified for the Fall Major gives the former Reciprocity side a valuable opportunity to recover their form and get some significant points on the board.

#9: Team Liquid (+1) - kuxir97 / Speed / Fruity

A first grand final appearance in The Grid pushes Liquid up a spot this time around. Onlookers for the Fall Major, questions must be asked about whether this trio can bring their form back up to scratch before their season spirals out of control and they find themselves outside of Europe's elite.

#8: Galaxy Racer (+0) - Mittaen / eekso / arju

Galaxy Racer continue to impress with yet another top-four finish in The Grid. Although Liquid stopped their run in the semifinals, the ex-Monkeys side took down Guild, Top Blokes and Endpoint (all ranked above them), with their win against Top Blokes, in particular, being incredibly dominant.

#7: Guild Esports (+0) - noly / ThO. / Scrub

Not too much to say for the next three teams as none of them change from last week's rankings. Guild finished top eight yet again, with wins over Solary and FCB before a loss to Galaxy Racer and will be looking to cause some damage in Europe's Fall Major.

#6: FC Barcelona (+0) - Deevo / Ronaky / Itachi

The first of the two sides playing in this weekend's only EU series for a spot in the Winter Grid, FC Barcelona's reverse sweep over Top Blokes may have just about saved them after beating Endpoint (also in five games) earlier on in the evening.

#5: Endpoint (+0) - Virtuoso / RelatingWave / Metsanauris

Despite just one victory this week (against Solary), Endpoint's strong Regional run from last week means that they keep hold of their top-five spot for now. With several teams just behind breathing down their necks, that aforementioned Barca series could prove crucial to Endpoint staying this high.

#4: Top Blokes (-1) - FlamE / Kassio / archie

Top Blokes fall out of the top three for the first time in several weeks after a disappointing end to their Grid season. A dismal defeat at the hands of Galaxy Racer was followed by a convincing win over new kids Fadeaway and a close reverse sweep at the hands of FC Barcelona. Top Blokes need to find their early season form again if they want to do some damage at the Major.

#3: Vodafone Giants (+1) - Tox / Zamué / Stake

Just when it looked like Giants' Grid form was slowing down, they took down BDS on their way to a second Grid championship of the Fall Split. Thanks to their fantastic performance (and Top Blokes' poor last week), the Giants recover their top three spot with the Fall Major right around the corner.

#2: Team BDS (+0) - Marc_By_8. / M0nkey M00n / Extra

Although they reached the semifinals of The Grid, BDS stay in second place ahead of an online Major that they should be gunning to win. Can they take down Vitality once again? Only time will tell.

#1: Renault Vitality (+0) - Fairy Peak / Kaydop / Alpha54

Vitality are still on top of the region thanks to their Regional 3 victory. Yes, they lost to BDS and Dignitas this week, but with the Major right around the corner, they're still looking down on the rest of the region.




Once again, congratulations to Vitality for holding onto their top spot. With just The Grid's qualifying match this weekend, we'll be back in a couple of weeks after the Fall Major for more EU Power Rankings. Stay tuned to GGRecon for more RLCSX content.

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