Here’s the what’s on the docket for all eleven matches in the NA RLCS this weekend.

14:30, 07 Mar 2020

The most stacked weekend in RLCS history is upon us. Along with the regularly scheduled matches this Saturday for North America & Sunday for Europe, due to the delay in the RLCS season starting, a bonus day of matches is being played Monday for both regions, colloquially dubbed “Super Monday”. There’s so much Rocket League we’ve had to divide our previews into two separate pieces per region, so without further adieu, here’s the what’s on the docket for all eleven matches in the NA RLCS this weekend.


eUnited (2-2) vs Flight (0-5) + eUnited (2-2) vs G2 Esports (4-0)

Talk about a contrast in fortunes for eUnited’s two opponents this weekend, one winless at the bottom of the league, the other undefeated at the top. Flight, as with every other opponent they’ve faced will be seen as a free win, eUnited being no exception. Simply put, eUnited is the more talented roster and has shown to have an actual team dynamic. As for the G2 series, it should be standard stuff for the more popular side. Albeit, eUnited is probably a step above most opponents G2 ha played this season, but even last season, a weaker G2 was able to dispatch of eUnited 3-1 so a similar scoreline should be expected here.

Ghost Gaming (2-3) vs Rogue (1-4)

For as down in the dumps as Ghost are after agonizingly losing to the Soniqs, it doesn’t lessen faith in them at least vs Rogue, who themselves had their mini-renaissance ended in convincing fashion at the hands of eUnited. When looking at the players, Rogue’s offense isn’t stellar, and will probably struggle to make a dent past Atomic’s incredible goalkeeping and mist is as equally dynamic on both ends of the pitch. Past encounters featuring these exact rosters have gone towards Ghost, so it is likely their RLCS encounter follows the script.

Pittsburgh Knights (2-2) vs Susquehanna Soniqs (3-1) + Pittsburgh Knights (2-2) vs NRG Esports (4-1)

This game day Pittsburgh Knights have their doubleheader (triple header if we look to Monday too), and it’s a rough one. On the docket is one of the fastest rising teams in the region, and the world champions. First up, the Pennsylvania derby between Susquehanna & Pittsburgh will be a great bar check for both squads. The former is potentially being touted as a side to make the top four, while the latter has its doubts as to whether they’ll retain their top-four status. PK probably edges it in terms of talent, but Shock is on  a truly remarkable run of form right now, making this match extremely tough to call.

NRG vs PK is less tough to call, despite Retals’ & Gyro’s immense rise in 2019 they have never defeated NRG in competition, and it’s not looking like that will change anytime soon. Simply put NRG is the better side, and even vs another top four roster, this can be treated as a free win for them essentially, especially if Knights come into this game having lost to the Soniqs.

Spacestation Gaming (3-1) vs Cloud9 (1-3)

Cloud9’s schedule does not get any easier, now faced with Spacestation Gaming, it’s really tough to imagine just how C9 can win this. They got dominated by G2, and Spacestation on paper can do the same, if not punish C9 worse. With everyone on the SSG side being able to perform like superstars on any given day, and Cloud9 continuing to look to be on an inevitable road to the relegation tournament, a Cloud9 win here would truly be an upset.

Super Monday

Spacestation Gaming (3-1) vs Flight (0-5)

Similarly to the previous series, Monday will start as Saturday ended. With a slaughter. There is little further elaboration needed. The arguable best team in the region plays a winless side, there is no case to justify expecting a Flight victory here.

eUnited (2-2) vs Susquehanna Soniqs (3-1)

A potential sleeper hit of this weekend’s RLCS action. Soniqs absolutely are the favored team on the form book, but eUnites is often the side everyone looks over, the team people will sleep on in favor of other squads. Soniqs absolutely deserve to be treated as favorites going in, their results speak for themselves. But eUnited as far from a free win, at best they’ll make Susquehanna truly work for it.

Ghost Gaming (2-3) vs G2 Esports (4-0)

A talented lineup that can’t buy a big win vs a talented lineup firing on all cylinders. G2 plays their 3rd of five sides that defeated them last season, and perhaps now faces Ghost at their lowest. However, the sheer talent Ghost possesses cannot be ignored, especially Atomic’s miraculous saves that are amazingly frequent, capable of stopping even peak condition G2 offense, let alone a potential inaccurate shooting G2. Regardless, this series has all the makings of a show stealer and is one not to be missed.

Pittsburgh Knights (2-2) vs Rogue (1-4)

AyyJayy takes on his former teammates in Kronovi & Wonder as Rogue seeks to somehow find a way back into the top six, something they’ve made a tradition of doing in recent seasons. Apart from their opening day encounter with Flight, this will probably be the start of PK’s easier set of matches to round out the season. With the toughest teams behind them, PK can hope a strong win here can set them up for success as they enter the home stretch. As for Rogue, they desperately need wins, they cannot afford to be intimidated by the names on the other side of the pitch. Once again, its do or die for Rogue.

NRG Esports (4-1) vs Cloud9 (1-3)

The final match of Super Monday is a classic encounter between two world champion teams. The first time this has ever happened in the RLCS. Unfortunately, despite the high billing it more than likely will be another routine victory for NRG, who until before this season had amassed a nine series win streak over Cloud9, dating back to the RLCS season six finals that Cloud9 famously won. There is the caveat that C9 won over NRG in an Astronauts cup pre-season, however it seems fair to say that that result was a once-off given the trajectory of both sides since the encounter. If Cloud9 of old turns up, we have a barn burner, but don’t hold your breath.


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