Riot unveils Volibear rework concept, plans for 2020, and more in latest video

13:26, 08 Jan 2020

Today Riot Games lead producer Joe “New001” Trung revealed Riot’s plans to showcase previews throughout the week of what’s to come for the 2020 season. In a video shared on Twitter, he wraps up 2019, sets fans’ expectations, and ends the clip with an eerie look at an unknown project.

The video mostly highlights upcoming League of Legends news. Throughout the week, Riot will be dropping updates on upcoming reworks with a focus on Volibear, new champion info, and new skin lines that are in development for Season 10.

The news didn’t just stop at League of Legends, however. We now live in a world where Riot has other games, including Teamfight Tactics and a whole slew of in-development titles. On the TFT front, we can expect a sneak preview at the next set to come to the came after Rise of the Elements, and other news of the game’s future. Earlier in the year, TFT product owner Richard “Maple Nectar” Henkel spoke of Riot’s goals to develop the competitive scene for the game.

If TFT is old news to you and you’re more interested in hearing about some of the many new projects that Riot announced for their 10-year anniversary, there’ll be something for you as well. New001 confirmed that some members of the team for Riot’s new card game, Legends of Runeterra, will be providing the community with a new update on the game’s progress this week. The trailer even teased what looks to be a new game board.

In true Riot fashion, the moment we thought the video was over, they dropped a three second clip that may trump every announcement they make this week. We see what looks to be a Zaunite setting with masked thugs surrounding a bound hostage. As the percussion in the background grows louder, heads turn and the camera pans out and cuts to black.

Riot has stated that Zaun will play a big role in the upcoming animated series Arcane. The clip may also be in connection to the new champion plans that will be teased later this week.

Image via Riot Games
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