League of Legends developers have revealed Run The Rift All-Star weekend will conclude 2020.

16:39, 05 Nov 2020

Riot Games has announced an All-Star weekend event to cap off an extraordinary year of League of Legends

Run the Rift will kick off on December 18 and span over three days, where we will see a mixture of the best professional players and entertaining amateurs go head-to-head on Summoners Rift, with a twist or two. The competition will take place online due to the global pandemic restrictions but will allow LoL's most vibrant influencers to get involved from their home comforts. 

Split into two stages, Run The Rift will have an action-packed weekend on League of Legends matches.

Run the rift all-star weekend - Underdog Uprising

The first stage is Underdog Uprising, which will pit three All-Star teams from each region against their neighbouring regions counterparts. The smaller regions will take on the powerhouses such as those from LCK, LPL, LCS, and LEC. The sides will be selected by yourselves, the fans, by online voting forms.

LoLAll StarsUnderdogsjpg

Run the rift all-star weekend - Superstar Showdown

The Superstar Showdown is the second event which will take place on the final two days. It will host the aforementioned top four regions who will compete against each other in a different Summoners Rift which is full of surprises. We will also see the Queue Kings and Queens match where influencers will take to the stage in a BO1.


The weekend will be rounded off with the All-Stars draft teams match. Here, the LCS and LEC will combine, with the top five voted players from each region will be mixed and matched. The tow voted captains will then choose two pros from each region to form a team of five and compete in "non-standard match formats".

The True All-Stars.

Each match will be played for charity. All games that will have prize pools will allow the victors to donate the winnings to the charities which they choose. There will also be an Elderwood Ornn skin which will become available in-game, costing 1350 RP. The full 100% of proceeds will go towards The Riot Games Social Impact Fund at Impact Assets, the developers' charitable partners.

How do I vote for the 2020 League of Legends All-Stars?

Voting will commence on November 9, lasting a week, and will be available on the official website and social media channels. You will be able to vote for one professional player in each role from each region, meaning you can vote for 40 of your favourite League of Legends All-Stars. 



With it being broadcast on YouTube and Twitch as of December 18, what better way to round off a minefield of an esports year? Who will be the real ShowMakers?



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