Ridiculous Modern Warfare 2 Clip Shows How Broken Spawning Is

Ridiculous Modern Warfare 2 Clip Shows How Broken Spawning Is
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Daniel Hollis


18th Jan 2023 16:31

After all these years, Call of Duty still can't seem to get spawning right in its multiplayer matches. Honestly, how often have you come back from death only to have someone immediately aim their sights at you again?

It's been a common problem since Call of Duty: Modern Warfare back in 2007, and even in the year 2023, players are still banging their heads against the wall as it continues to be an issue.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 - the latest incarnation in the ever-growing saga - is no exception to this common flaw, and players are starting to become just a little sick of it happening.

What's Wrong With Spawning In Modern Warfare 2?

Every day, more and more footage emerges of encounters from multiplayer matches in Modern Warfare 2. Whether it's spawn killing, quick scoping, or the long-debated issue of the game favouring one player over another in certain situations, it's starting to get on people's nerves.

The most recent Reddit post surrounding the issue perfectly encapsulates Modern Warfare 2’s spawning problems in a single 15-second clip. From start to end, the uploader manages to be killed, to then spawn in front of the person who eliminated them and be killed once again.

In the footage, you can even clearly see the killer aiming down their sights before the player has respawned, suggesting they know how the game's respawn system works, inside and out.

It's a situation where there's very little you can do to combat the problem, and reactions to the video signal this is not an isolated circumstance.

Players Have Had Enough

Understandably, the response to the video has been unfavourable toward Modern Warfare 2. The general consensus suggests players are sick of coming into situations like this and are debating leaving the game entirely until a fix has been implemented.

One Redditor responded and said that "spawns are a mess" in Modern Warfare 2, while another added that this is "the game's spawning in a nutshell."

A particularly popular comment also stated what we're all thinking: "How is it they've been making these games for so long and they can't even get spawns right?"

Of course, game development is never easy, and we expect issues like this to happen periodically. Some maps even promote this sort of gameplay, such as Shipment, which players embrace if handled correctly.

However, in the majority of cases surrounding Modern Warfare 2 - and even the Call of Duty franchise as a whole - players want a solution to ridiculous spawn systems such as this, and they want it fast.

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