CoD fans slam devs for not balancing MW2 weapons properly in MW3

CoD fans slam devs for not balancing MW2 weapons properly in MW3
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Alex Garton


3rd Jan 2024 12:55

The Modern Warfare 3 meta is being completely dominated by brand-new guns, with very few of the integrated weapons from MW2 being able to compete.

To put it in perspective, based on pick rates from WZStats, the top nine most popular guns are all from MW3. There is only one outlier, being the M13B in tenth.

As a result, CoD fans feel as if they're being pushed away from using some of the OG favourites from the previous title, including the M4, Lachmann 556, and ISO Hemlock.

For them, the devs made a major mistake with the balancing heading into MW3 and have effectively made every single MW2 option underpowered.

MW3 fans claim MW2 weapons are incredibly underpowered

Taking to the ModernWarfareIII subreddit, user FlowKom decided to voice their frustration about the current meta, arguing the devs "did not rebalance the MW2 guns properly" and they "either lack fire-rate or damage."

The power differential between the new weapons and the older ones means it's very rare that it's worth using an MW2 loadout. Picks like the Holger 556, Striker, MCW, and Rival-9 are just miles ahead of the competition.

This has left a lot of players wondering why the MW2 guns were included at all, as for them, all they do is bloat the arsenal.

"They should have left the MWII guns out, it’s obvious they didn’t have the time to properly re-balance all of them before MWIII launched," said one user, with another claiming, "MW2 guns shouldn’t even be in this game at all IMO."

MW2 weapons slammed for heavy "visual recoil" in MW3

MW2 CoD visual recoil
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The most common criticism put towards the MW2 weapons in MW3 is the ridiculous "visual recoil" that makes it impossible to land bullets consistently on target.

This was a problem in the previous title and the devs don't appear to have made adjustments for MW3, with the issue being carried over.

"Am I the only one who notices they didn’t rebalance the visual recoil on the MW2 guns to match the MW3 ones," said one user, with another responding, "They’re trying to subliminally convince you new means better, unsurprising from this stupid company."

More choice may be better, but if there's no actual reason to use the MW2 weapons, they're pretty pointless in MW3. Let's hope some balance changes can bring them up in the rankings, as it's clear the community misses some of the OG picks.

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