Retailers Slammed For Falsely Advertising Resident Evil 4 Remake On Xbox One

Retailers Slammed For Falsely Advertising Resident Evil 4 Remake On Xbox One
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Tom Chapman


24th Jan 2023 16:38

Resident Evil is shuffling back into lives in a big way in 2023, with the long-rumoured Resident Evil 4 remake destined to take a sawed-off shotgun to the competition.

The fourth entry to the acclaimed Resident Evil franchise tore through the GameCube in 2005, and since, has been ported to too many consoles to count.

Apparently though, there's one major gaming device that won't be making the cut for Umbrella this year.

Retailers Called Out For False Advertising

We know Resident Evil 4 is getting a bit of an upgrade, with a complete overhaul akin to the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2 and 2020's Resident Evil 3 on the way.

There have already been complaints that RE4 could be held back by its last-gen PS4 port, and if that wasn't enough, other critics think it'll be the same story with a mythical Xbox One release.

The problem is, Capcom has never said Resident Evil 4 is coming to Xbox One. Over on Reddit, one wannabe Wesker claims they've found a store offering display boxes for an Xbox One version.

Some said the shop might've just been using any old Xbox box, but others point out it clearly says Xbox One on the label. This could be a widespread issue, as Amazon's RE4 listing says Xbox One/ Series X in its product selection box. 

Diving deeper into the mystery, the official Microsoft store warns Resident Evil 4 is only available on Xbox Series X|S. Someone joked that we should look to the actual Capcom site: "If only companies had an official website that would help figure out this mystery."

Is The Resident Evil 4 Remake Coming To Xbox One?

Optimists think Capcom will release an Xbox One version at some point, but this would be unheard of. By the looks of it, Capcom is pivoting to new-gen releases.

Critics say that the Xbox One struggled graphically anyway, and if the PS4 is only just able to run RE4, what hope does Xbox One have? 

To be honest, an Xbox One RE4 is looking less likely by the day. You'll remember Gotham Knights ditched its last-gen ports, while Respawn's Star Wars Jedi: Survivor is also new-gen early.

Even if this isn't the first we've heard of an Xbox One release for Resident Evil 4, we doubt you'll be booting up your Xbox One and hearing Ashley's shrill cries in 2023. 

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