Resident Evil 4 Remake Fans Can't Stop Thirsting Over Leon

Resident Evil 4 Remake Fans Can't Stop Thirsting Over Leon

Written by 

Tom Chapman


20th Jun 2022 13:43

The gaming community is once again horny on Main, and this time, it's Leon S. Kennedy who has set pulses racing. Capcom has finally made that long-rumoured Resident Evil 4 remake official, with a new-gen version of Resident Evil set to bring to life whole new versions of Leon, Ashley, Ada, and Ramon.

It's been 17 years since the fourth main entry in Capcom's shooter series shuffled onto the GameCube, and since then, RE4 has become one of the most-ported games in living memory. After coming to everything from Android to Oculus Quest 2Resident Evil 4 is making its way onto new-gen consoles and giving us more than just some spruced-up graphics. Some things never change though, so expect Leon to be the same long-haired Lothario.

Why Are Fans Thirsting Over Leon In Resident Evil 4?

Posting on Reddit, u/Bryonatic simply asked, "How do you all feel about the new Leon?" The side-by-side shot showed off this more chiselled and brooding Leon - which is saying something considering his look in the OG. Although one said, "He looks tired and over it. And I love it," others are getting steamy over Leon.

When one fan simply wrote, "Holy sh*t he looks hot asf," it opened the horny floodgates. Another wrote, "I wanna give him lots of kisses but I also wanna wrap him in a blanket and tell him nothing will ever hurt him again." Someone else added, "RE community always thirsty but I feel like it adds to the charm rather than being creepy for some reason." A fourth simply wrote, "I'm sexually intrigued." 

Leon has always been something of a sex symbol in the Resiverse, and just like we got a buff and bearded Chris Redfield in Village, it looks like Leon's revamp is going down a storm with horndog gamers. We've already seen an updated model of Ashley Graham to deal with complaints she's too young. It's no secret that Ashley has something of a problematic fascination with Leon, which was weird considering how young her character looked. In actuality, Ashley was supposed to be 20 during the game. 


What Else Do We Know About The Resident Evil 4 Remake?

Capcom's previous Resi remakes have largely stuck to the same story as the originals, however, RE4 is promised as something different that will weave "fresh" elements into the zombie shooter. With an Easter egg already in 2021's Resident Evil Village, many expect there will be more ties to the likes of Lady Dimitrescu and that gothic locale.

It remains to be seen how these reimagined storylines will fit into the new Resident Evil 4, but whatever Capcom is cooking up, expect it to be something special. Resident Evil 4 is widely considered one of the best video games of all time, and in terms of horrors, tops plenty of people's lists. Coming to new-gen consoles and PC on March 24 next year, the Resident Evil 4 remake is poised to be one of 2023's biggest games.

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