Resident Evil 4 Remake Could Be Hiding A New Lady Dimitrescu

Resident Evil 4 Remake Could Be Hiding A New Lady Dimitrescu

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Tom Chapman


17th Feb 2023 15:23

While Capcom's Resident Evil games were always founded on fear, it's safe to say they lost their way a bit when we swapped genuine frights for Jake and Sherry on the back of a motorcycle in Resident Evil 6

No matter what the quality of a Resi game, nothing compared the pulse-pounding terror of being stalked around some labyrinth by an unkillable monster. Whether Resident Evil 2's Mr. X, Resident Evil 3's Nemesis, or Village's Lady Dimitrescu, stalker enemies are a highlight of the series.

As we rev up our chainsaws for the long-awaited Resident Evil 4 remake in 2023, is a new foe ready to lumber out of the woods in rural Spain or stalk us around Ramon Salazar's castle? Either way, we're excited for our very own Lady Dimitrescu in RE4

Will Resident Evil 4 Have Its Own Lady Dimitrescu?

It's clear that Capcom is going all out on the Resident Evil 4 remake, and although the classic beats of the 2005 game are here, we're promised a bigger and bloodier remake... with more Ada Wong. As well as overhauled quick-time events and new mechanics for Ashley, there could be a new stalker enemy.

Discussing all things RE4 with Game Informer, Producer Yoshiaki Hirabayashi and Director Yasuhiro Ampo answered 80 rapid-fire questions on the game. When asked if there will be a persistent enemy like Mr. X or Lady D, Ampo said, "I'm pretty sure there isn't one."

Hirabayashi was more cryptic about it and added, "Maybe there is? But we will not tell you today." With the Resident Evil 4 remake coming out on March 24, there isn't long left to hype the survival horror. It sounds like if there is a stalker enemy in the game, we'll have to wait until it releases.

What Else Is New In Resident Evil 4?

Ampo and Hirabayashi delivered a treasure trove of details about what we can and can't expect. Alongside confirmation there are "almost none" in terms of QTEs, it's impossible to do a knife-only run, and there will be the debut of photo mode. 

Those familiar with the Resiverse will know about the infamous "Hook Man" version of the game that had a hooked enemy attack a hallucinating Leon. Sadly, while elements of the mythical Resident Evil 3.5 - like haunted dolls - appeared in Village, Hook Man isn't making it into mainline canon. 

Our favourite tidbit is whether there will be a novelty chainsaw controller. These iconic peripherals released alongside the GameCube and PS2 versions, but when pushed on a new-gen revival, Hirabayashi said, "We wanted to do one, but we were already putting everything into the development of the game."

Still, we hope there's a stalker here. As well as Jack Baker being an iconic stalker enemy in Resident Evil 7, other games, including Alien: Isolation and Dead Space have made the most of stalkers. Anyone from Chief Mendez to the mysterious U-3 would make a great stalker in the RE4 remake. 

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