Resident Evil 4 iPhone 15 port leaves players feeling ‘blue’

Resident Evil 4 iPhone 15 port leaves players feeling ‘blue’
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3rd Jan 2024 15:27

2023 was a truly mind-boggling year for gaming, as fantasy epics like Baldur's Gate 3 went against adorable builders like The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. Alan Wake 2 brought the horror, as did Capcom's remake of 2005's beloved Resident Evil 4. However, the story of the latter isn't over.

As well as the Separate Ways DLC continuing the story of Ada Wong and neatly cueing a Resident Evil 5 remake, there's a whole new way to play thanks to the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro port. However, before you rush to play on your morning commute, there could be some issues with the release. 

Resident Evil 4's iPhone 15 Pro release leaves reviewers feeling 'blue'

We've already covered IGN's first impressions of the mobile release, with RE4's iPhone 15 Pro release potentially hitting a stumbling block in terms of frame rate dips and performance issues. The journalist admitted that it could be because the title was in early development, but sadly, it doesn't sound like things have gotten much better. 

Digital Foundry is known for its technical breakdown of new releases, being one of the best when it comes to putting games under the microscope and analysing their performance on a professional level. Similarly to IGN, their review of Resident Evil 4 on the iPhone 15 Pro was similarly mixed.

Reminding us of how the PS4 version of the RE4 remake trailed behind its new-gen counterparts, Oliver Mackenzie reiterates the iPhone 15 Pro version is closest to the PS4 code. The review also states, "The first thing that should stand out here is that the iPhone version has a very obvious blue tint for some reason."

Complaining that the iPhone port is much darker than the PS4 version, there's also some "noticeably lower-res texture art through a lot of the game's environments." Admitting that "these aren't huge differences," he continues that a lot of the world is "a bit blurry and less well-defined." 

Growing pains

Resident Evil 4 2023 remake on iPhone 15 Pro
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In terms of frame rates, RE4 targets 30 FPS but apparently falls short of achieving it. Particularly heavy drops dip to 10 FPS and leave things feeling like a "slideshow." It's also advised you use a gamepad instead of the "bare bones" touchpad controls. 

Ultimately, the untrained eye might not notice a lot of these gripes, with Mackenzie concluding that RE4 running on the iPhone 15 Pro is "far better than what you'd expect from a Switch port of this game." There's another win, as loading screens are apparently much snappier on iPhone when compared to PS4.

Considering RE4's eye-watering $59.99/£57.99 price tag, you might be wondering who this is aimed at. It was already a running joke that the original RE4 has been ported to everything over its lifespan, and by the looks of it, that trend could continue with its 2023 remake. Still, at least the OP claims it's better than the RE Village iPhone port. 

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