Resident Evil 4 demo is reportedly shadow-dropping tonight

Resident Evil 4 demo is reportedly shadow-dropping tonight
Images: Capcom

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Joseph Kime


9th Mar 2023 10:14

Resident Evil 4's slow crawl to us has been agonising for the most part, as players have been begging to get a better look at the remake of what has become the most iconic game in the franchise's history - but now that it's almost here, it's almost daunting.

Previews of the game are helpful, but we won't really know what to expect of the game until we can take it for a spin ourselves - and players have been crossing their fingers for a demo so that the dreary European romp can get its pre-release verdict once and for all.

And now, it looks like it's coming incredibly soon - and frankly, completely out of nowhere.

Resident Evil 4's demo is supposedly dropping tonight

Discussion around Resident Evil 4 has reached a fever pitch online, and as players gear up to face some new reveals at tonight's Capcom Spotlight presentation, it looks like some details have already leaked.

Twitter users have flagged that Twitch viewers are already receiving a new ad for Resident Evil 4, that seems to be pretty innocuous as far as Twitch ads go - but it closes with the text "Demo Available Now." Users have now turned out screenshots that prove the claims, and they are now theorising that this ad has debuted on Twitch a day too early, and that the demo for the game is set for a shadow-drop during tonight's Capcom Spotlight show.

It's certainly a fair theory, and if it isn't set to drop tonight, we can definitely discern that the demo will be coming imminently.

When is the Resident Evil 4 demo dropping?

If we're to follow the theory that this means the demo will be getting shadow-dropped tonight, then we can discern it will either launch at midnight tonight or after the Capcom Spotlight presentation - which begins at 10:30 tonight, UK time.

This means that around 11:00 tonight, we may finally get our hands on the latest Resident Evil game, if only in demo form. The launch of the game is beginning to feel real, and we couldn't be more excited about it.

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