Red Bull Home Ground Announced For Manchester LAN In December

Red Bull Home Ground Announced For Manchester LAN In December
Red Bull

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Jack Marsh


10th Aug 2022 20:59

The Red Bull Home Ground is back, and after a successful debut outing online in 2020 followed by a sequel LAN event in London the following year, the third instalment of the elite VALORANT event will take place in Manchester, England.

Last year's Red Bull Home Ground series saw a range of teams across Europe duke it out in a bid to have an experimental warm-up before the VCT: Champions event the following month.

Now though, Red Bull has launched the unique series after the circuit comes to a close, allowing the tournament to stand on its own two feet.

What Is The Red Bull Home Ground?

The Home Ground differs from any other VALORANT competition available, given it works on a home and away format that utilises map picks and rids vetoes. Played in a 'best of five' setting, the two participating players will both pick "Home Ground" maps (usually their best or the opponents' worst) with a neutral tie-breaker being enforced if all home matches are won. A team can win 2-0 though, by winning both Home and Away matches. Weirdly, despite home advantages, only one match out of eight in the Playoffs stage lasted more than two games in last year's event.

Last year’s Home Ground MVP, Mehmet "cNed" Yağız, said: "Being on Red Bull Home Ground was fun for our team. Last year, I gave it my all to earn the title of tournament MVP, and this year, my team and I are prepared to top that effort. Wait for it!"


When Is The Red Bull Home Ground?

The Red Bull Home Ground is now going to be the last event of the calendar year, coming after the end of the 2022 VALORANT Champions Tour season.

With a little bit of Christmas spirit, the Red Bull Home Ground 2022 will be hosted on December 09 until the Grand Final on December 11.

Red Bull Home Ground Venue Announced

Having previously been hosted in London at the Red Bull Gaming Sphere, VALORANT esports is getting festive and shooting up to Manchester, notorious for their Christmas Markets.

The event will be played in Victoria Warehouse, and will be played in front of a live audience. If you can't get to the United Kingdom though, don't worry, as a range of top VALORANT content creators will be co-streaming the live event.

No teams have yet to have been invited, although there will be six invited teams and two that will qualify through respective open circuits in EMEA and Turkey specifically.

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