Red Bull Campus Clutch Returns With 500 Regional Qualifiers And Brazil World Champions

Red Bull Campus Clutch Returns With 500 Regional Qualifiers And Brazil World Champions
Red Bull

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Jack Marsh


11th Aug 2022 12:19

The path to professional VALORANT can be quite tough, and with the VCT franchising coming into play for next season's circuit, progression might be tougher than ever before. Thankfully, one of the best path-to-pro is returning this year, as Red Bull has announced that the Campus Clutch is back in 2022, giving players the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of last year's winner Mohamed "shalaby" Shalaby, who was snapped up by Team Vitality.

The Red Bull Campus Clutch brings together amateurs and collegiate level VALORANT players from around the globe to compete for a chance to play at an international LAN with a chunky prize pool. The grassroots competition saw 25,000 students take part in 400 events worldwide, with all roads leading to a winner-takes all $20,000 prize pool in Madrid.

The Madrid LAN saw Egypt's Anubis Gaming win the event, while a range of top talent hosted the event including Loviel "Velly" Cardwell, Jessica "Jess" Bolden, and Daniel "DDK" Kapadia. 

Now, it's back, and bigger than before!

What Is The Red Bull Campus Clutch?

The open event will play host to students worldwide, with over 500 Regional Events played out over the next four months. Local qualifiers will then lead to National Finals, where one team from each of the 50 countries will earn the chance to represent their nation.

Red Bull will then host the 50-team LAN World Finals, where the pot of $20,000 will be up for grabs once again, providing a once-in-a-lifetime chance for 250 players.


Red Bull Campus Clutch World Finals To Be Held In São Paulo, Brazil

Having been the first crowd-backed international LAN event in the world following the reintroduction of live esports after the global pandemic, the Red Bull Campus Clutch will be moving on from their home in Madrid to an even hotter destination.

This year, the Red Bull Campus Clutch will be headed to the South-Eastern shore of Brazil: São Paulo. The next major city down the coastline from Rio de Janiero, São Paulo will offer the players an opportunity to soak in the culture of a live event while competing in a game they adore.

Red Bull will provide travel for all 50 teams who qualify for São Paulo, while they have also partnered with the National Express in England to help with travel commitments for the regional finals.

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