Warzone Removes Rebirth Island Trios And Players Are Livid

Warzone Removes Rebirth Island Trios And Players Are Livid

Written by 

Jack Marsh


30th Dec 2020 12:38

Rebirth Island arrived and was a metaphor of its own name, giving new life to a recently stagnated Call of Duty: Warzone.

The map adds a new spin on the island of Alcatraz Prison which featured in the original CoD battle royale, Blackout, and in the popular Zombies "Mob of the Dead" map. Moving away from the layout that revolved around the cells, Wardens' Office, and makeshift rooftop runway, Rebirth Island saw much more focus on the surrounding areas such as the Living Quarters, Chemical Engine, and the Harbor. 

Making a splash in Warzone, it originally came as a trios game mode with up to 40 players dropping in and providing relentless hell-for-leather action. However, just as players were beginning to suss out tactics and strategies, Activision has removed the trios mode and slashed the map to an even smaller version. 

Rebirth Island Quads Mini Royale has come into the rotation as the only playlist on the map, and fans are absolutely raging.

Players have taken to social media to express their displeasure. Whilst many fans were populating Twitter with the latest DMR meta rants, a thread on Reddit highlighted the issues around Rebirth Island. 

Comments such as "Getting tired of this game getting rid of the good game modes. Just give the people what they want", and "Rebirth is all I've played since it came out. This is really annoying. Why add something no one was asking for" came flooding in criticising its removal.

Others then began to critique the new game mode which saw the addition of the Gulag instead of automated redeployment. "Quads with gulag is trash" began one user, before adding "I've been playing rebirth non-stop the past few days, as a solo-queue player it's my favourite LTM yet because randoms don't back-out after they instantly die. After 2 games of quads, I cba playing anymore".

It's safe to say Rebirth Island Mini Royale Quads has done down like a lead balloon, however, expect a mix-up shortly as the developers seem keen to experiment with many game modes.


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Image via Activision

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