Priestahh: 'We're preparing for ourselves, our own playstyle'

Priestahh: 'We're preparing for ourselves, our own playstyle'
Stevie Hughes | Toronto Ultra

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Jack Marsh


15th Jun 2023 21:49

New York Subliners has flown right under the radar to find themselves as the team to beat in the Call of Duty League World Championships.

Ghost perk equipped, Dead Silence activated, and even a bit of Active camo slipping into the mix to slither through the standings to pick up its second Major win and come out as red-hot favourites to be crowned as world champions.

A Subliner locked and loaded, gliding beneath the ice.

Having survived a close scare against Minnesota ROKKR in round one, Subliners boxed off a clutch reverse sweep with a thrilling game five Search and Destroy round, and Preston "Priestahh" Greiner has owed it all to "preparing for ourselves, not other teams".

Preistahh reveals New Yorks team-based playstyle

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There's no denying that when you look across the rosters at Champs that NYSL lacks that particular firepower that other teams do, with only Paco "HyDra" Rusiewiez as a real quote-unquote superstar. 

But what they are is arguably the best well-oiled team in the game, having flashbacks of the Cold War Toronto Ultra team, and Priestahh has now claimed that it's all about reigning in HyDra to do the best for the team and naturally allowing the roster to get trades around the objectives.

"I think the main thing is just making sure we're all confident in our plays, not forcing ourselves into a situation," said Priestahh told GGRecon.

"If someone needs to block a spawn, don't force it unless you think that's the best play. Just everyone getting involved in the match.

"Not sending one person out to make a play either, such as Paco flying out to get kills - even though he's godlike when he is in that situation - but just not forcing it. It'll naturally happen. That's why it seems like we're all involved, we're all getting trades, not one person just taking over all the time," he added.

Priestahh claims NYSL are "preparing for ourselves" not other teams

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With the Major format throwing NYSL against ROKKR first and then either OpTic Texas or Boston Breach next, Priestahh claimed that their VOD preparation has actually been limited in recent weeks, and instead, they have been focusing on honing their playstyle.

"I think the main thing going into this tournament was making sure we were ready and we were prepared for ourselves and our gameplay," Priestahh continued.

"We do prepare pretty hard going into every single match. We're going to probably do that [prepare for OpTic/Boston] when we go back tonight, and watch it even more the next morning. We do put a lot of emphasis on VOD, but we didn't do it coming into this tournament.

"We kind of just want to focus on our game, focus on what we need to do and, get better at whatever we needed to."

New York is now in the driving seat to make their Champs dreams become a reality, and with momentum swinging their way, it will take something special to shut them down.

Jack Marsh
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