Portal 3 May Finally Be On The Way From Valve

Portal 3 May Finally Be On The Way From Valve
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Joseph Kime


5th Dec 2022 15:27

Valve has been scared of the number three for many years now, and it doesn't seem to be getting much better for them.

It began with Half-Life, as fans hoped for an eventual third official instalment, and instead being offered two 'chapters' of story extensions, and Alyx - the technically monstrous VR title.

Then came Portal 2, the greatest puzzle game ever made bar none (we said what we said), and as the years have drawn on since its launch, hopes for a third game have dwindled alongside Half-Life. After years of clawing and begging, we could be in for a treat from Portal after years of clawing and begging.

Is Valve Working On Portal 3?

A new video from video game historians DidYouKnowGaming has revealed some new secrets pertaining to Portal 2 and Half-Life 2's follow-ups. It's cast a little more faith into their actual production.

Erik Wolpaw is one of the team members responsible for scripting the Portal games, stated that "Jay [Pinkerton, another writer] and I have an idea that we think is pretty awesome for what would happen, generally speaking.

"We don't have a script or any details worked out, but we have sort of a starting point that we like a ton. So you know, it's good we have this idea but there's a lot left to do. Someone's gotta think up some new portal puzzles! But we do have an actual idea, yes." But that's not all.

A Pitch For Portal 3 Was Positively Received By Valve

While Wolpaw insists there's no formal pitching system at Valve, he suggests that the idea of the game was brought up with the company, and they came back with a positive response.

"But again, us having that idea versus actually committing to making a game is a way different thing," he says.

"It's not unknown, but there's no formal pitch process at Valve either. It's always kind of a, you know, grassroots campaign I guess."

So, the idea of Portal 3 is certainly flowing around Valve headquarters - now all they need to do is make the game. Come on, pull your fingers out.

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