Pokemon Sleep is getting two new Pokemon

Pokemon Sleep is getting two new Pokemon
Images via The Pokemon Company

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Megan Cooke


10th Sep 2023 17:57

Two new Pokemon are coming to Pokemon Sleep for the first time since the games launch in July.

Though the two new pokemon will be the first time new additions come to the app, there seems to be even more pokemon to study coming soon.

Mr Mime and Mime Jr are coming to Pokemon Sleep



On 8 September, it was announced that Mr Mime and Mime Jr will be coming to Pokemon Sleep early next week.

In an official blog post, The Pokemon Company said: “It seems that Mime Jr. and Mr. Mime have been spotted near Cyan Beach—maybe this is thanks to the sleep research you’ve all been conducting! Soon, it may be possible to encounter them during sleep research.”

The two newest Pokemon to arrive in the game will be able to be found on Cyan Beach from 7am BST on 12 September.

The blog post revealed that Mr Mime will appear with the snoozing sleep type and Mime Jr will appear with the slumbering sleep type.

Could more Pokemon be coming soon?




While nothing is confirmed as to whether or not more Pokemon will be added to the game in the future, there is a good chance that more will be coming sooner than we might think.

The Pokemon Sleep Pokeween event is set to take place in late October and will see ghost-type pokemon taking centre stage.

As it stands there are only 3 ghost-types in the game: Gastly, Haunter and Gengar, so there is a chance that more will be added alongside the event.

Personally, I think that Drifloon would be very cute when sleeping and Pumpkaboo would be a wonderful Halloween addition.

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