Be Careful, Pokemon Legends: Arceus Is Leaking Early Online

Be Careful, Pokemon Legends: Arceus Is Leaking Early Online
Images: Nintendo

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Joseph Kime


19th Jan 2022 10:02

Pokemon Legends: Arceus could be a game-changer. Quite literally. The 2022 title has a whole new aesthetic, region, gameplay style, and approach to storytelling in the world of Pokemon. Naturally, fans are excited about it - but others are incredibly wary.

These huge changes to the way the game works could be incredible or disastrous - with a popular transition leading to a franchise that follows the Legends framework and changes Pokemon forever. Fans are waiting with bated breath to see how the game will turn out, but as it seems, we don't actually have to wait much longer. Because the game is leaking. And fast.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus spoilers lie ahead. Consider this your final warning…

What About Pokemon Legends: Arceus Has Leaked Online?

Leaks for Pokemon Legends: Arceus have now been unleashed onto the internet, mostly via the Twitter user PoryLeeks. They seem to have bagged a copy of the game themselves, and since revealing an image of the game cartridge, they have been posting watermarked leaked images and videos on Twitter at incredible speeds.

The images range from innocuous to incredibly spoiler-heavy, revealing beats in the game's narrative and peeks at battles and gameplay. You're going to want to be careful out there if you don't want to see anything. Alongside this, we've also seen a shiny Arceus game cartridge and even a world map. 

It seems huge details about the game are about to hit the internet, and knowing Twitter, it won't be long until it's on everyone's timelines. Unless you do something about it.

How Do You Avoid Pokemon Legends: Arceus Spoilers?

If you're desperate not to know anything about Pokemon Legends: Arceus until launch, the best way to avoid spoilers is simply to cut off all contact with Twitter going forward. Either that, or muting the select words you want to avoid, is probably the best course of action. Sorry to PoryLeeks, but it's probably a good call to mute them too. 

It would be annoying to get so close to the end of keeping Pokemon Legends: Arceus under wraps, only to have your first meeting with a new professor, surprise Hisuian forms, and new mechanics spoiled by a tweet. Naturally, though, leaks are unpredictable and could strike when you least expect them, so they could hit at any moment. At any rate, we wish you godspeed. See you on the other side.


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