Pokemon GO’s first Scarlet & Violet shiny is a ‘meaty’ addition

Pokemon GO’s first Scarlet & Violet shiny is a ‘meaty’ addition
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Joseph Kime


6th Sep 2023 13:00

It's true that Pokemon GO has been at the forefront of many people's affections for a long time now, soldiering through its fall in popularity to maintain a dedicated fanbase. There's little that can shake players from the AR game, even when Niantic seems to work against their enjoyment in many cases.

Niantic's slow dripping of new Pokemon into Pokemon GO is keeping its players firmly on their toes, but many feel like the devs are taking their time and not adding the Pokemon they need to. But now, it looks like the fanciest of beasties are finally touching down in the title.

Shiny Lechonk has finally arrived in Pokemon GO

A shiny Lechonk as it appears in Pokemon GO.
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He's here, and oh my, he's glorious. The pig of our dreams, Lechonk, has arrived in Pokemon GO, though with a pretty tasty new lick of paint - as his shiny variant has arrived.

While shiny Pokemon in the core games could be around any corner, Pokemon GO has been far more sparing with the appearance of the rare versions of the lil' monsters. Now, it looks like the first Pokemon from the Paldea region with a shiny variant has arrived in the shape of Lechonk and its evolution Oinkologne.

The bright pink piggy has been added to the game as a part of the Paldean Adventure event that also introduces Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly to the game. It's a big win for players, although the pig is the only one of the bunch with a shiny variant at all.

When can I catch the shiny Lechonk?

The official art for shiny Lechonk.
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If you want to get your trotters on a Shiny Lechonk, you'll have to be luckier than ever when seeking out the original version of the Pokemon. You can do that by performing field research task encounters, hatching 7km eggs, and simply by finding them out in the wild during the Paldean Adventure event that ends on September 10.

Look out for Oinkologne, which is available in both a male and female form, requiring 50 Lechonk Candy to evolve into one. Similarly to Shiny Lechonk, Shiny Oinkologne have swapped their dully grey for a pop of pink.

Shiny Lechonk is a pretty rare sighting right now, and there are sure to be those who are frustrated we haven't got shiny variants of the Gen IX starters. Still, it'd be no surprise to see the Pokemon return in the future after that. It might take a grind, but you're bound to find your Shiny Lechonk eventually. Get catching, trainer.

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