Pokemon GO player goes viral for wasting Master Ball on lame catch

Pokemon GO player goes viral for wasting Master Ball on lame catch
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25th May 2023 11:30

Let us take you back to your childhood. You're on the playground and discussing the latest Pokemon game with your pals. You bring up the Master Ball and how useful it was in helping you to catch the game's cover-star Legendary. "Ah, yes," your friend tells you..."I used it to catch my new Pidgey!"

It's a tale as old as time, and as long as the Master Ball has existed in the Pokemon universe, players have been entirely misunderstanding what the immensely useful item is actually designed for. And as it comes to Pokemon GO, the joke is once again on players who missed the memo.

Pokemon GO players entirely miss the point of the Master Ball

Pokemon GO player goes viral for wasting Master Ball on lame catch
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The Master Ball has finally arrived in Pokemon GO, and though many fans feel as though its implementation is part of a wider scheme to get them to shell out real-world money to finish their collections of Legendary B Birds, they're putting them to use regardless.

While many are putting to use the fact that Pokemon literally can't break out of the Master Ball, no matter how hard they try, others… aren't. Taking to Reddit, one parent has revealed that their child has failed to grasp the nuances of the Master Ball, and has accidentally wasted its effects on a pretty mid catch.

"This is Nicholas' account," he says. "Nicholas left their 4-year-old kid catch the breakthrough Pokemon. Do not be like Nicholas." The post comes accompanied by an image proving that a Pokemon has been caught with their Master Ball - and it's a Parasect with 86 HP. Good grief.

Fans react to abysmal Master Ball catch

Pokemon GO player goes viral for wasting Master Ball on lame catch
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Fans have taken to the comments to offer their condolences to the user, whose Master Ball has been lost to a pretty pathetic catch. "Nicholas about to put a kid up for adoption tbh," says one user.

"I knew there would be posts like this… but MY GOD," adds another, while a third said, "I knew there would be posts like this… but MY GOD." As the kid is only four, we'll give them some credit, but the moral of the story is don't leave children unattended with your Master Ball. 

It's a truly devastating revelation, but we could have seen it coming. Still, at least the Parasect will be comfy in its luxe new home. Oh well, Nicholas, we're sure Niantic will soon be charging you through the nose for more Master Balls. 

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