Pokemon GO’s Master Ball introduction has players worried

Pokemon GO’s Master Ball introduction has players worried

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Joseph Kime


17th May 2023 14:00

Niantic's Pokemon GO is still on the - well, go, - with two pockets of players. There are those who got involved during its monumental peak, loving the game for what it was at the time and are now surprised that the mobile tile is still going. The others and those who are still dedicated to the real-life adventure title.

That second bracket is still obsessed with the game and are watching each of its updates with great excitement. But, the introduction of the long-awaited Master Ball has many of them feeling a little concerned.

Fans are worried about Pokemon GO's Master Ball

Pokemon GO’s Master Ball introduction has players worried
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The arrival of the Master Ball - a Pokeball that has the ability to capture (almost) any Pokemon instantly regardless of their power - has been always been expected by Pokemon GO fans. But now Master Balls are coming, gamers think that their introduction is a mere ploy. Let us explain.

The Galarian Birds are rare Pokemon that joined the game recently and have been causing a lot of problems for players. It's due to their incredibly low catch rate being present in the game but the Galarian Birds being too tough to catch for most players. It's a difficult time for fans who want to catch 'em all.

It's this that has spurred the line of thought that the Master Ball itself could be yet another money-making scheme from Niantic, with its introduction set to fix a problem that Niantic has developed entirely on purpose.

Fans think the Master Ball is a scheme

Shower thought: Galarian birds' ridiculous catchrate was the preparation to introduce master balls
by u/y0l0tr0n in pokemongo

Explaining the theory in the Pokemon GO subreddit, user y0l0tr0n expertly posits that the low catch-rate Galarian birds could have been the set-up to introduce the expensive, instant-catch, Master Balls to make money.

There's also the potential that Niantic will give players one ball for free, meaning they can easily grab one of the three Galarian birds while leaving them with an unfinished collection and an itch to buy more. After all, we all want our Galarian Articuno, Galarian Zapdos, and Galarian Moltres.

It's a fairly reasonable theory, though we're not likely to find out for sure if it's a true plan from Niantic. Following the issue with Remote Raids and Niantic receiving death threats, fans are right to be concerned. We can't tell if this is genius or evil genius, but either way, Niantic have us right where they want us.

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