Official Pokemon Anime Artwork Showcases Ash Ketchum's Replacements

Official Pokemon Anime Artwork Showcases Ash Ketchum's Replacements
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Joseph Kime


15th Feb 2023 13:37

The end of an era is peeking over the horizon, and we're not sure we're ready for it. Pokemon fans are in the midst of the end for the franchise's largest-ever constants - Ash and Pikachu are saying goodbye to the anime series and stepping down as its protagonists.

We're getting a trip down memory lane in Pokemon: Aim to Be a Pokemon Master, a series that is capping off the duo's time as frontmen, and once that's over, the torch will be passed to two new protagonists who we don't know much

There's been a singular promo image showing off Ash and Pikachu's successors, but that's no longer the case. We've finally come across some new sprites of the new characters.

New Pokemon Magazine Scans Reveal New Look At Anime Protagonists

A new post on Twitter has revealed a new look at Ash Ketchum's replacements for the upcoming Pokemon anime based on the Scarlet & Violet games. Yes, that means Gen IX 'mon are on the way. 

The scan from the March copy of the monthly CoroCoro Comic (that releases in Japan) has been showcased on Twitter by user karubiimunohito. It shows off a couple of new images featuring our new protagonists, Liko and Roy.

They come alongside the promotional image that we saw when the new series was first announced, revealing the pair along with the first anime appearances of Sprigatito, Fuecoco and Quaxly.

What's Happening In The Pokemon Anime Right Now?

Right now, we're along for the ride in Ash's final adventure, where old characters have been introduced to join his adventure with Misty and Brock. As a matter of fact, it's not just people who are coming back into Ash's life.

After Butterfree made a return during Journeys, the latest series has seen Ash reunite with his Squirtle, as the Squirtle Squad was embroiled in a new plot by Team Rocket.

The series is a real treat, and as one final hurrah for Ash and Pikachu, it's been an emotional one, too. To be honest, we're not sure we're prepared to say goodbye.

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