Players argue Crash Team Racing is better than Mario Kart

Players argue Crash Team Racing is better than Mario Kart
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Tom Chapman


21st Mar 2023 12:47

Karting games are nothing new, and while most of you probably think of the long-running Mario Kart series as the peak of the genre, remember there are a lot of alternatives.

Whether you're a fan of Diddy Kong RacingTeam Sonic Racing, or Nickelodeon Kart Racers, we don't imagine many are rushing out to play 007 Racing. Out of them all, though, there's a more than loyal fan base for Crash Team Racing.

Players say Crash Team Racing is better than Mario Kart

Released in 1999, the fourth instalment in the Crash Bandicoot series took us in a very different direction. Naughty Dog's orange marsupial had already become synonymous with the PlayStation, and booting up the console to take on the villainous Nitros Oxide was a huge hit.

Over on Reddit, u/SilentThomas argued that Crash Team Racing is better than Mario Kart. One supporter cheered, "After 20 years I do still spend countless hours in this game. Last year I finally managed to break 1:47 on sewer speedway. Definitely Favorite map."

Another added, "It's so much better than Mario Kart. The controls are 'platformer' tight. Mario Kart feels horrible to control in comparison," while a third said, "How can you say something so not controversial and yet so brave."

Someone concluded, "I will never love another karting game more than CTR! I was so pleased when they released the remake. I hope we get more because it was so underappreciated back in the day."

Namely, most concluded that both Diddy Kong Racing and Crash Team Racing are better than Mario Kart, although there were plenty of arguments that Diddy Kong Racing walked so CTR could race.

Is Crash Team Racing better than Mario Kart?

While it's true we probably wouldn't have had CTR without Mario Kart, at least most can agree the former having an actual storyline was a major bonus. There's also the beloved Nitro-Fueled remaster from 2019, which puts those Mario Kart 8 Booster Pack DLC tracks to shame.

The fact Naughty Dog only had Crash Team Racing before Vicarious Visions took over for the disappointing Crash Nitro Kart, the series wasn't able to adapt like Mario KartMario Kart had legends like Double Dash changing mechanics, so we can only dream of what Crash Team Racing could've done with a sequel.

With Crash and Spyro being eyed for potential comebacks as part of Microsoft's Activision Blizzard Activision, we say it's about time Crash Team Racing took its rightful place on the podium with a sequel for the ages. 

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