Cypher’s Revenge game mode is fake, but VALORANT players are dying to play it

Cypher’s Revenge game mode is fake, but VALORANT players are dying to play it
Riot Games

Written by 

Jack Marsh


3rd Apr 2023 09:48

Riot Games' April Fool's joke has left VALORANT players quite befuddled. The ongoing jibe that Cypher is VALORANT's punchbag has been a joke continued through nearly every Riot-made media, with the robotic controller often being the one to die in any cinematics. 

So, the developers thought it would be quite befitting to jest a new game mode where Cypher had all the power. 

Despite being a fake mode, fans loved it. Now, there are calls for it to actually be added to the game as a fun spin-off from the usual serious Ranked grind.

Riot Games troll VALORANT fans with 'Cypher's Revenge' game mode

The developers started a new cinematic with Cypher reminiscing over every time he's been killed in a VALORANT video so far, before demanding that he'd had "enough" - and then teased a five-versus-one game mode named "Cypher's Revenge."

While the game mode wasn't added to VALORANT, the cinematic depicted Cypher singlehandedly taking on a squad of five, where his kit had been upgraded to stun enemies that have been tagged his cameras, much like Killjoy's ultimate.

The agent also gave his cameras their own weapons, could duplicate himself through his shroud, placed fake tripwires to trick players into crossing the real ones, and even accessed unchartered terrain to surprise his enemies from outside of the map.

VALORANT fans ask Riot to add Cypher's Revenge game mode

Many fans applauded the video and were happy to see Cypher finally get some love in VALORANT's cinematic universe. But others actually noted the game mode and have asked Riot to release it as an LTM.

"OK, now make it real," "This actually looks like a fun game mode," and "I know it's an April Fools but that looks so damn fun," were just some of the comments left by fans who wanted to harness Cypher's vengeance.

Riot hasn't confirmed any plans to actually release the mode, but with the community reacting so well, it might be something that they have taken notice of for future fun.

There is one silver lining, though, as all VALORANT players have been treated to a free Cypher-oriented spray for simply logging into the game before April 6.

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