These Parrots prove you don’t need to be rich to know how to party

18:00, 14 Jul 2020

It’s always a joy to find a team or a player who lives up to their namesake and Party Parrots are the epitome of their moniker. While the Parrots can be a bit rough around the edges, their aggressive force buy style cracks open economic holes and can put enemy teams in weird positions that can cause some chaos. As Europe ventures into their next major event, the Party Parrots are looking to crash into the WePlay! Invitational.

With the young CiS core of Andrey "Shao" Kiprsky, Artur "7ssk7" Kyourshin, and Denis "dinkzj" Tkachev, the Parrots have their bases covered. Each of them are incredible raw talents that have the potential to pick up the Operator if need be, however, the gun with the golden touch tends to fall into dinkzj’s hands. At the front of each execute lies experienced Counter-Strike aces, Kirill "ANGE1" Karasiow, a veteran member of Hellraisers from Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS:GO), and Vyacheslav "Art1st" Lyadnov, a young Russian rifler that, as recently as the start of this year, as been battling through the amateur CiS divisions with S-Gaming.

Party Parrots VALORANT

Feast or famine is the most succinct way to wrap up the Parrots style. If we exit the elevator explanation, it becomes much more nuanced. The team relies, almost too heavily, on winning opening duels, and without consistently doing so, they don’t have much to fall back on. You know what you’re going to get as long as you do a minor amount of tape review of Party Parrots, which in a sense can make them a bit one dimensional, but this begs the question; does the team sitting opposite of them have not only the confidence but the skill to shut their duel attempts down?

While we hinted at the team’s incredibly aggressive force buy style, Party Parrots also differentiate themselves by what they actually buy. The game is merely a canvas for these young contenders and the shop as their pallet. Anything that lies in the shop is fair game for the Parrots to use, and while map dependant, one gun sticks out as unorthodox. We’re seeing a massive surge in Judge play on maps like Haven and Split and weapons like the Odin have found use on Ascent, however, Party Parrots seem to have a fondness for the Guardian. Which plays into their philosophy around aggressively force buying and forcing duels at all costs. 

Party Parrots will often force buy either a Vandal or a Guardian and place that single gun onto either ANGE1 or 7ssk7. Both players look to take duels and fetch their teammates some guns but do so in different ways. ANGE1 seems to continue to entry with the weapon, with his teammates behind him while 7ssk7 feels more passive, looking to quietly lurk around, and attempt a few picks to find some added resources but to also weaken said site. 

Here we see the fundamentals of Party Parrots in action against Prodigy during the recent Vitality European Open tournament. On a half-buy, ANGE1 quickly pushes up Mid A with light armor and a vandal. He quickly wins his duel, which cracks open A Site. His team rotates in and the round quickly escapes them shortly after. However, you can see where the promise is with this team. Their play isn’t something teams are expecting and will catch people off guard during the WePlay! Invitational.

This is a beautiful example of 7ssk7’s more passive positioning. 7ssk7 holds B Short with his patented Guardian. Prodigy are well award of the Parrot’s economic status, so pushing forward against normal opponents isn’t that threatening, however, Party Parrots are unorthodox as they come. 7ssk7 finds a pick and fetches ANGE1 the gun. That said, once again the round escapes them for some reason, which is a downside to their play at the moment. 

This loose, force-buy style seems to come at the cost of coordination. Shortly after ANGE1 takes A Site by himself, teammates round corners, angles are forfeited, overall just messy and chaotic play causes the round to skate by them. This echoes towards the end of the 7ssk7 clip as well, the team waffles due to dinkzj getting scouted and picked from Bathroom, and abandon their plan to rotate towards A Site after forcing a rotation to B with their opening pick. All in all, Party Parrots are talented but encapsulate the motif of diamonds in the rough. Give this team some time and proper coaching and you could have a contender on your hands, but until these rough patches sort themselves out, they seem relegated to taking maps off of top teams but never beating them. 

Party Parrots are a team that takes the phrase “winnable” to a new level. They pressure their opponents with aggressive plays and unorthodox strategies that not only catch teams off guard but also steal the tempo of the match away. Every angle is dangerous with a team as sharp as this and it doesn’t help that on rounds thought to be safe, the Parrots spring into action and flip the game on its head. This is a squad of promising players that might not win the entire event but will charge headfirst into the event and leave quite a few bruises in their run. If you’re looking for a dark horse team that plays outside of the box for the WePlay! Invitational, the Party Parrots won’t let you down. 


Images via Riot Games

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