Overwatch 2 players would like to see a 6v6 arcade mode

Overwatch 2 players would like to see a 6v6 arcade mode
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26th Nov 2023 21:00

Overwatch 2 players are calling for a 6v6 mode to be added to Arcade to give fans of the original game a way to reminisce.

The number of players in each game was one of the biggest changes which came alongside the update to Overwatch 2 and there are mixed opinions about whether this was a positive or negative adjustment.

Players want Blizzard to bring back 6v6 mode

When Overwatch 2 released in 2022, Blizzard removed one tank from each team after realising that players were reluctant to pick that particular role.

While the change was positively received by many players, others miss the 6v6 gamemode and would like to see its return.

A recent Reddit thread posted to the Overwatch subreddit, asked what was stopping Blizzard from instituting a 6v6 game mode in Arcade, allowing fans of the original game to look back on old times.

The post said: “What's stopping Blizzard from putting 6v6 in Arcade ?

“1 - Put 6v6 mode in Arcade with a 2-2-2 force-lock. 2 - Reduce the health points of every tank by 50 to 150HP (depending on the tank) in that mode only. 3 - Profit?

“I mean, keep the 5v5, it's still a fun game although it's different, I'd still play it to be honest, but just... give us the choice to play between both modes, that's all.

“C'mon... we have wacky modes like Mystery Heroes, Total Mayhem and No Limits... modes which are much more alien than mere 6v6...

“So what's stopping them from putting a single 6v6 mode in Arcade? Is it lack of demand? Lack of resources because Blizzard is just a poor indie company? Or maybe just ego?”

There are mixed opinions of whether Blizzard would bring in a 6v6 Arcade mode

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The idea of implementing a 6v6 Arcade mode has gone down well on the subreddit, with several commenters agreeing that the idea would be successful.

“They could just bring the last patch from OW1 with no new heroes included as an arcade game and all my friends would come back,” one said.

Another commenter said: “I want an Overwatch classic mode rather than just 6v6. So basically a mode where you can play the game as it was originally at launch (or maybe patched a bit but prior to any major changes).”

However, several commenters pointed out that Blizzard is unlikely to do this, largely due to not wanting to draw players away from the standard game mode.

One said: “It's not "what's stopping them", but rather "what's the incentive". Why should they risk splitting their player base away from their main competitive and QP modes, increasing queue times for everyone and potentially dropping players because of it? Why risk it?”

Another pointed out that it “would split the player base, and they would have to rebalance the heroes (tanks and supports), like they did with tanks when 5v5 started.”

It is clear that the mode would be successful amongst anyone who feels nostalgic toward the original game, but whether Blizzard will take the suggestion on board is another matter.

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