Overwatch 2 is already the ‘worst-rated’ game on Steam

Overwatch 2 is already the ‘worst-rated’ game on Steam
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Megan Cooke


12th Aug 2023 19:45

Overwatch 2 is currently sitting at the very bottom of Steam’s reviews with over 76,000 negative reviews just two days after its debut on the launcher.

Despite peaking at 75,608 players on 11 August, players are unhappy with the team shooter for several reasons, including in-game microtransaction costs, the removal of lootboxes, smaller team sizes and worse matchmaking.

What do the reviewers have to say?

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With almost 85,000 reviews at the time of writing, Overwatch 2 has been the source of a lot of discussion, with many players feeling like they are finally able to share their thoughts on the game.

There are three main groups of people who are negatively reviewing Overwatch 2: those disappointed in Overwatch 2, those disappointed in Blizzard, and those who think it is entertaining and just want to join in with the review bombing.

One of the biggest reasons people are upset with Overwatch 2 is that it is a free-to-play game that has replaced a game people paid money for.

One reviewer summed this sentiment up well with their comment: “I somehow purchased Overwatch 1 for $40, which Blizzard then deleted and created this predatory microtransaction simulator instead. It's the exact same game, but they removed all the stuff you paid full price for in Overwatch 1. If you played Overwatch 1 at launch, this is not only identical, it is the exact same game.

“Biggest cash grab of the 21st century.”

Several fans took the opportunity to call out Blizzard for their attitude towards the game.

One wrote: “Welcome to Steam, Blizzard. Here are all the honest reviews.”

“The best decision Blizzard made for Overwatch 2 is releasing it on Steam so we can see the reviews,” another reviewer added. 

Other comments took a more jokey approach, discussing the NSFW side of the Overwatch community and commenting about doing their part or returning to Team Fortress 2.

The impact of Overwatch 2 review bombing

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The sheer number of negative reviews that Overwatch 2 has received in the last 48 hours has seen the game rocket to the top of Steam250’s Wall of Shame.

With a current aggregate user score of 1.09, the game's Steam ratings are more in line with its Metacritic score, which is currently sitting at a user score of 1.4, than any official ratings by game reviewers.

While it is a shame to see one of the biggest team-based shooters be reduced to something many previous fans find unplayable, only time will tell whether Activision Blizzard will be able to pull the game back from the brink or if this truly is the end of Overwatch.

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