Outrageous $80 King Kong glove slammed by MW3 players

Outrageous $80 King Kong glove slammed by MW3 players
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Jack Marsh


9th Apr 2024 16:58

Ahh the good old microtransaction inflation. It seems like every game in this modern era is trying, one way or another, to become like CS:GO and have a skin marketplace worth millions of dollars.

Much akin to Apex Legends as of late, Activision is jacking up its prices for cosmetics in Call of Duty, having recently apologised for releasing its most expensive bundle ever, and began a new trend of items that are gatekept behind multiple store purchases.

The latest item to fall into this microtransaction strategy is the King Kong glove, and with its price being roughly valued at $80, fans have taken issue with its lack of proficiency.

Warzone's latest King Kong feature is worth $80

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King Kong and Godzilla are back in Call of Duty, and despite not bringing with it the much-loved Mayhem map, the collaboration is still entertaining fans, especially with the finishing moves.

Yet one item is being held back behind four separate bundles. The B.E.A.S.T Glove is being passed off as a "Titan collection reward" which comes into play if you purchase the Kong, Shimo, Godzilla, and Skar King bundles, each valued at 2,400 CP.

If bought separately, the 2,400 CP bundles cost $20 each, taking the total to $80, all for a single melee blueprint.

The price can be kept down slightly if you get 9,500 CP and an extra 200, taking the total to $77, although at that point the extra $3 isn't cutting much mustard.

So, at such a price, is the King Kong B.E.A.S.T Glove even worth it?

King Kong $80 Glove slammed as 'not worth it'



Given that there are no pay-to-win elements (officially) in Call of Duty, the B.E.A.S.T Glove has no additional effects as a normal melee weapon, aside from looking kind of cool, and players who have unlocked it are quickly regretting their purchase.

"Holy f**k it was not worth it," said one player on Reddit, who reviewed the item for the sake of the community. "The only plus sides are it counts as a Mastercraft Blueprint (unique inspect) and the joy of punching enemies," they added.

"But it doesn't do anything special. I thought it would at least ragdoll enemies, if not corpse launch them."

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Given that this is Call of Duty's most expensive item ever, outside of CoD Mobile, there's much to be desired from this exclusive reward, and things might only get more pricey with future collabs.

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