Open-world Shrek game shows exactly why we love the series

Open-world Shrek game shows exactly why we love the series
Images via TeaserPlay | DreamWorks

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Tom Chapman


22nd Feb 2024 12:17

Shrek is love, Shrek is...a video game icon. While Mike Myers' green meanie found great success with the four mainline Shrek movies and its various specials, he also gained notoriety for his ventures into the pixelated world. Most recently, Shrek popped up in 2023's DreamWorks All-Star Kart Racing.

When you tend to think of Shrek video games, most tend to gravitate toward 2004's beloved Shrek 2, which was especially well-recieved on PlayStation 2. All the Shrek movies have had video game adaptations, although the less we say about Shrek Forever After on the 3DS, the better.

Open-world Shrek game has us dreaming of Far Far Away

Due to a lack of Shrek movies, we haven't had a mainline Shrek game since 2010, but now, the concept for a new-gen and open-world Shrek game has piqued our interest all over again. Known gaming concept artist TeaserPlay has created an Unreal Engine 5 Shrek game, and it looks (Prince) charming. 

The description asks, "Have you ever thought about a AAA Shrek game? It might sound like a joke, but such a game could be incredibly fun and attract a lot of attention." Explaining how there could be a lot of potential, the OP says a new Shrek game could be anything from a platformer to an RPG or an open-world adventure.

We can't help but agree that a modern Shrek with modern graphics could look amazing if handled properly, and in TeaserPlay's video, we're getting some serious Elden Ring vibes. It's a little too light for FromSoftware, but just imagine a Shrek-inspired Soulslike.

Seeing Shrek lumber across his swamp, mountainous regions, and fairytale vistas, the ever-loyal Donkey is by his side. While we don't imagine a new-gen Shrek game would exactly be the next Baldur's Gate 3, the idea has proved popular enough in the comments to get us thinking.

Fans love the idea of an open-world Shrek game

Open-world Shrek concept trailer
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Image via TeaserPlay

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With a fifth Shrek movie supposedly on the way, we assume there will be a new video game - so let's get the ball rolling. Responding to TeaserPlay, one fan cheered, "I unironically want this to be real. It would easily be GOTY," while another joked, "Sonic Frontiers if it was actually good."

There was also the out-there idea where someone suggested, "We need a Shrek game like this, like Skyrim where Shrek is a warrior ogre that travels the land in search of worthy opponents or having Shrek in the God of War universe. That would be a cool fight to see Kratos vs a god-powered Shrek." 

Seeing Shrek soar high on Dragon has us wishing to our Fairy Godmother that this concept was real. Sadly, we're left singing the Duloc theme song in our heads and dreaming of what could be. Oh well, maybe someone will hire TeaserPlay when Shrek 5 releases.

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