Nintendo Switch reaches another huge sales milestone amid Switch 2 rumours

Nintendo Switch reaches another huge sales milestone amid Switch 2 rumours
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Joseph Kime


8th Nov 2023 16:19

Even as the Nintendo Switch nears the end of its life, it’s standing firm.

It’s hard to say right away that it’s going to succumb to expectations of a successor, especially as Pikmin 4, Super Mario Bros. Wonder and even Tears of the Kingdom landed this year. The hybrid system's still got life in it yet, that's for sure.

Still, as the Switch trundles on, its sales numbers have proven that even though the end is peeking over the horizon, it’s done a damn good job for Nintendo.

Nintendo Switch’s sales rival the industry giants

The original Nintendo as it appears in the company's early promotional materials.
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New stats from Nintendo have arrived in the form of their latest figures report, and it has revealed that Switch sales are reaching staggering numbers.

The console is now sitting on 132.46 million units sold, which has pushed it over the top into regions once thought unknown. This update makes the Nintendo Switch the third best-selling console in gaming history, coming second only to Nintendo’s own DS at 154.02 million units, and the PlayStation 2, which sold over 155 million units. It’s not far off of these numbers, meaning that theoretically, it could still manage to topple the DS, and even the PS2.

It’s easy to decry the Switch as something that merely carries players from one generation to the next, but its innovations and incredible games have made it truly unmissable, clearly contributing to incredible sales.

Nintendo’s next system is on the way

A Mario-themed Nintendo Switch.
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This news, of course, comes as theories and claims indicate that a brand-new Nintendo console is currently in the works. It’s a suggestion that makes perfect sense as the Switch approaches eight years on the market, and as claims that the Switch doesn’t hold up to industry standards of graphical fidelity and processing power, it’s felt across the industry that it’s time for Nintendo to step things up.

No matter when we get this new console, there’s one thing we can say for sure - its predecessor has left one hell of a record to beat.

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