Ninja Claims He Won't Play Competitive Fortnite Ever Again

Ninja Claims He Won't Play Competitive Fortnite Ever Again
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Emma Hill


15th Feb 2022 17:17

Fortnite-obsessed Twitch streamer Tyler "Ninja" Blevins has proclaimed that he will never play the game on a competitive level ever again. 

There are a number of big-name streamers in the community who are self-proclaimed Fortnite obsessives. However, very few of them can match up to Ninja, whose fame exploded thanks to his streams of the battle royale game. The blue-haired content creator has enjoyed great success with his sharp-shooting skills in the game and even managed to get himself his very own skin. 

However, Ninja has proclaimed that he will no longer play Fortnite on a competitive level "ever again" due to it chasing away casual players. 

Why Will Ninja Never Play Competitive Fortnite Again?

During one of his livestream on February 13, Ninja had a sudden outburst in which he proclaimed he would never play competitive Fortnite ever again. Taking a direct swipe at the competitive Fortnite community, Ninja claimed: "They are never pleased [..] They are not professional at all. They flaunt it on stream and complain."

The streamer didn't stop his scathing criticism of Fortnite players there. He continued: "None of the OG's that streamed and made content play anymore because they played competitively and they left because they hated it." He further claimed: "They hated the lag. They hated never winning and the stress of it all."

For this reason, Ninja proclaimed that he will no longer play competitive Fortnite anymore because it is "what is driving so many [casual] players away."

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Will Ninja Continue To Play Casual Fortnite?

It's unlikely that Ninja will give up Fortnite for good given his love for the game. After all, the streamer chose the game for his return to Twitch. Not to mention, his creator code has helped him earn a staggering amount of money in a short amount of time in the past. Although, that's not to say he hasn't had his problems with Fortnite, especially following the whole sniping scandal

Ninja may have taken the executive decision to end his competitive Fortnite career for now. However, with such an influential Fortnite voice making a public critique of the game, there's no doubt Ninja's words will catch the attention of Epic Games.

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