Ninja Admits His Fortnite Creator Code Made $5 Million In One Month

Ninja Admits His Fortnite Creator Code Made $5 Million In One Month

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Jack Marsh


14th May 2021 10:04

When the Fortnite boom erupted, Tyler "Ninja" Blevins transcended to the king of Twitch. With his animated crown perched atop of his icy azure flicks and game-ready headband, Ninja quickly became the face of Fornite and gaming as a whole. Soon to appear on the global screens in Adidas promos alongside Serena Williams, Linoel Messi, and Pharrel Williams, Ninja's outreach was astronomical.

With such presence, Ninja's following had grown ten-fold, thanks to Fortnite.

Epic Games then rewarded players like Ninja with creator codes, allowing a portion of the in-game microtransactions to end up in the wallet of their pioneers. Ninja himself was also gifted with his very own in-game skin through the Icon Series, and fans went crazy for it.

Ninja has now revealed home much his Creator Code has earned him, in a single month,

How much did Ninja earn with his Fortnite Creator Code?

Speaking in a stream, Ninja admitted that the most his Creator Code has earned him is around $5 million, in just one month.

He said: "I think the most I ever made in a month off the Fortnite creator code was something like $5 million. Iā€™m not joking.ā€

He also joked: ā€œI actually talked s**t to someone the other day who was just roasting my League of Legends game, and I told him that I could buy his family tree.ā€

Epic Games give 5% of the sales to the creators when their code is used in store, meaning the developers likely racked up $100 million in that same month from microtransactions with just Ninja's code.

How much does Ninja earn?

The 5 million a month via a content creator code is just one form of income for Ninja. The streamer also burned through subscribers during the Fortnite phase, which themselves cost around $5 per sub. Blevins previously set the record (that was broken by Ludwig during his subathon) of 269,000, making him another $1.1 million a month. Sponsors will have also paid hefty fees to have Ninja represent their brands, and his merch was an additional tip of the gold-crested cap.

Nowadays, Ninja doesn't quite make as much, although last year he was able to take home a colossal $20 million cheque from Mixer, which then fell through shortly after and allowing Ninja to return to Twitch. 

According to multiple websites, Ninja's net worth is around $25 million, having also donated large sums to charity over the course of his careers.


Image via Epic Games 

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