New VALORANT Agents? Music to our ears.

12:33, 11 Sep 2020

VALORANT currently has 12 agents, split into four categories: Duelist, Initiator, Controller, and Sentinel. With the game still in its very early stages, there are many opportunities to grow VALORANT, and Riot Games has confirmed that they will be looking to consistently mix up the Agent pool, with six new agents a year. 

Since the game launch on June 2, we have seen two new agents, the latest being Killjoy, with one more being expected for next month, showing that Riot is well on their way to achieving the ration of six per year. 

But where do they draw the line? Does Riot follow the footsteps of League of Legends, which has more champions than any tactical shooter game around? Or do they cap it off like Tom Clancey's Rainbow Six Siege, which is aiming for 100 operators, with four per year being added?

In a recent Reddit post, VALORANT developer "Pwyff" has confirmed that their "perfect" number of agents is around 50-60.

Pwyff commented: “The perfect agent roster balance...honestly I think we'll start to understand how flexible the agent roster is as we inject more in, so I don't think we can say ‘100 is crazy’ or ‘100 is great.’ Personally I think ~50-60 feels about right ⁠— let's say 5 per role".

This means that we will definitely be seeing a consistent number of new VALORANT Agents for the next six to eight years. Although five per role doesn't quite add up to this tally.

Having five per category does mean that the Duelist category only has room for one more agent, with a third of the current pool falling into this category. With Phoenix, Jett, Raze, and Renya in this category, duelists should get to work on their favourite character, as it looks like you'll be stuck with them for a while.

Initiator mains who use either Sova or Breach will be the most pleased by this news, as there will be many more initiators to come. 


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Image via Riot Games

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