New Titanfall Game Cancelled By EA

New Titanfall Game Cancelled By EA
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Joseph Kime


2nd Feb 2023 09:44

EA seems to be having a bit of a moment. Too many gaming companies are proving they can't handle the pressure they set for themselves, with 343 Industries, most notably canning projects and performing sweeping layoffs.

Now, it looks like EA has joined these ranks. The company's mobile offerings of Apex Legends Mobile and Battlefield Mobile have been scrapped despite fans loving them, while Battlefield Mobile's development team has been gutted entirely.

It seems that Electronic Arts is entering panic mode and doing whatever it can to avoid a company-wide crisis - and it's axed a massively anticipated game in the process.

EA's Apex Legends And Titanfall Single-Player Game Is Dead

New Titanfall Game Cancelled By EA
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Fans of Titanfall have been clawing and begging for a new game for some time. Respawn Entertainment has spent the last few years teasing, hinting, confirming (and de-confirming) that a new project was on the way.

We know that a new single-player game was on the way and due to be set in the world of Titanfall and Apex Legends. Sadly, it has now been confirmed that it's no longer happening.

Bloomberg has reported that three people close to the project have claimed that the game, codenamed Titanfall Legends (how creative!), has now been canned.

50 Staff Members Will Suffer From Titanfall Legends' Cancellation

Bloomberg goes on to claim that roughly 50 people on the team for the game at Respawn Entertainment will be affected by the title's cancellation. EA will be trying to find these developers new roles in the company - but failing that, they'll be laid off.

It's an incredibly bleak turn of events, not just for consumers, but also for the hard-working team that has already put so much work into the mysterious Titanfall game.

It's not just at EA, either, as other companies are suffering sackings, cancellations, and drastic changes. The video game industry is in a scary spot right now - and we're hoping it's remedied soon. Well, there go our dreams of Titanfall 3.

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