NetherRealm Reportedly Revealing Mortal Kombat 12

NetherRealm Reportedly Revealing Mortal Kombat 12
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Joseph Kime


25th Apr 2022 11:47

Mortal Kombat is currently in one of its typical development slumbers. Since 2019's Mortal Kombat 11, the series has sat a little dormant, and hasn't really made an impact on pop culture for some time - despite the earlier titles producing some of the greatest controversies in gaming history.


And yet, fighting game fans are still obsessed with the series, meaning we're waiting with bated breath for the reveal of the upcoming Mortal Kombat 12. Well, there's good news on that front, because rumours suggest that the reveal is coming soon.

When Will Mortal Kombat 12 Be Revealed?

NetherRealm Reportedly Revealing Mortal Kombat 12
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The Evolution Championship Series, known typically among fans as EVO, is naturally the best place for fighting games to get their reveals, what with all theā€¦ fighting games appearing.

And so, developers have been debuting their new fighting game's first looks at the event for years. It's expected that NetherRealm is going to be the ones stepping up to the plate in 2022 to reveal the long-awaited Mortal Kombat 12.

The rumour came on behalf of 4chan (so, as ever with that site, take this with a fistful of salt) and was shared on Reddit, revealing that Mortal Kombat 12 will be announced at EVO, as well as a new update to come the year after.


What Else Is Getting Revealed At EVO 2022?

The Reddit post reveals a wealth of other game reveals coming to the event, and it's looking pretty stacked. Supposedly, we should expect a new trailer for Street Fighter 6, a teaser for Tekken 7, the reveal of new character Diego Brando for Jojo All Star Battle R, as well as the beta demo for the upcoming Project L being revealed to come the day after.

The roster here is exciting, and while it shouldn't be taken at face value for now, it's an interesting suggestion of what we can expect from the next year in fighting games. Any more Mortal Kombat is a good thing, and we can't wait to see what awaits us. All we need now is the announcement of Injustice 3


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