Nadeshot ‘supports’ prison sentences for Call of Duty hackers

Nadeshot ‘supports’ prison sentences for Call of Duty hackers
Images via Activision | 100 Thieves

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Jack Marsh


29th Feb 2024 17:23

After it has been found that hackers in Call of Duty have developed a way to fly completely undetected by Ricochet anti-cheat, Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag is flying the flag for Activision to bring in some much harsher laws.

Speed hackers have become the latest trend to take over CoD with players doubling movement speed and darting around like the Incredible's kid. Add that on with the substandard walls and aimbot, Modern Warfare 3 and Warzone have found themselves in a spot of bother.

So Nadeshot has now taken to social media to call for harsher punishments on cheaters, all the way up to a prison sentence.

Nadeshot agrees with Call of Duty fans that all players should need ID

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With an abundant number of hackers making Modern Warfare 3 'miserable', Nadeshot had a rather damning note to place on Call of Duty's tombstone, taking to social media to say that "we're all f**ked".

Another fan hypothesised that all CoD players should require ID to be able to activate their Activision accounts, while criminal charges and $2,000 fines should incur if anyone breaks the ToS' by upgrading cheats.

"Fully Supportive," added Nadeshot, while others claimed that at least some form of verification should be needed, such as a contact number, which could help defer hackers.

Nadeshot 'supports' harsher punishments for Call of Duty cheaters


But for those who do get caught by Ricochet, Nadeshot half-heartedly claimed that "prison" should be a punishment, at least to deter many players of using the software willy-nilly.

"Throw a prison sentence in there somewhere for s**ts and giggles," he added.

"Just tell me what our AI overlords need to get started on their anti-cheat and I will do my best to help and cooperate. Will submit a sperm sample if needed. Let’s do our part and get this done fellas."

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It might be quite the regimented process for anything of the sort to come into play, but with the hackers so rampant and ingrained into Call of Duty at the moment, there's much more room for improvement and something needs to change.

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