Nadeshot Responds After Froste Calls Out 100 Thieves

Nadeshot Responds After Froste Calls Out 100 Thieves
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30th Aug 2022 12:13

There was some drama on the TL on Monday, August 29 when Erind "Froste" Puka and 100 Thieves founder Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag traded allegations regarding pay, time spent 'grinding', and other issues. This has led to a lot of discourse on 'esports Twitter', and conversations surrounding 'grindset' and pay for content creators. 

What Has Froste Said About 100 Thieves?

A couple of days ago, Froste took to Twitter to share some details regarding why he and fellow members of content creation group 'The Mob' left 100 Thieves. Back in 2019, they were the first content creators to be signed to the org as a group. Froste, Classify, Mako, and Avalanche seemed to have it all, based in a content house in Los Angeles, and signed with a huge organisation. However, according to Froste, they were plagued with issues from the offset. He claims that the group were required to find housing within '10-15 minutes' of Nadeshot's multi-million dollar residence, which meant them having to fork out $10,000 a month in rent alone.

Coupled with the fact that the group were on $60k salaries, this rent apparently led to times where the group would have to 'skip meals', as they would be receiving $1,650 each after taxes. Froste claims that some members of the group had to borrow more from family to get by. 



Froste tweeted: "imagine we had enough money to where we didn't have to stress over where our next meal was coming from. Coulda done some big things but i guess we'll never know". 

He added: "$2,500 each in rent a month while only getting paid $1,650. There were so many day's where we had to skip meals cus we couldn't afford to buy food unless we begged our parents to send us money. It's truly a wonder whey Mako wanted to leave the mob and move back with his family!".

What Has Nadeshot Said About Froste?

Nadeshot decided to take to Twitch to share his thoughts about Froste's allegations. The video is no longer available, however via Dexerto he said: "The fact of the matter, without trying to sound as if I’m holding it against them, they weren’t very big…in the places that you can make money, on Twitch and YouTube and sponsorships, there wasn’t a lot of opportunity for them. We felt like we were doing a good service by bringing them into 100 Thieves."

He added: "[They were paid] $2500-a-month for each individual, they have to pay rent, they have to find a home. We helped them find a home, they chose a $10,000-a-month house. We also had a $2500-a-month budget for content creation."

Nadeshot then claimed that the group didn't stream enough, or make enough content. Providing receipts, he showed that as CEO he actually streamed more than Froste did.

Froste then Tweeted that he would also be going live on Twitch, as Nadeshot was 'lying his *ss off'. 

In the stream, Froste refuted some of Nadeshot's claims, saying: "I need you to remember we were a group. I streamed 40 hours a month on my channel, but you’ve also got to remember the streams I did with [others] on their channels."

He added: "I could have grinded a whole lot harder, but the conditions we were in, bro, it’s not the place that makes you want to grind."

Of 100 Thieves, he said: "I feel like it’s your job as an organisation to make sure that, financially, [your staff] will be okay. And we weren’t. They just did not do that."

Currently, Froste's stream is still available on Twitch. However, Nadeshot has not responded at the time of writing.

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