Nadeshot blasts new Aftermarket Part system in MW3

Nadeshot blasts new Aftermarket Part system in MW3
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Jack Marsh


2nd Apr 2024 17:40

Having been added to the Gunsmith in Modern Warfare 3, the Aftermarket Part system is beginning to take its prisoners.

The pack-a-punch variant for multiplayer first started out as a harmless gimmick, adding some more swagger to menial guns, but has since grown out of hand, with broken shotguns and laser beam Advanced Warfare rig-ups proving too meddlesome for the average Joe.

And now some of Call of Duty's biggest personalities have had enough, as Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag has unleashed an assault rifle mag's worth of lead in its direction.

Nadeshot slams MW3's Aftermarket Parts


Having risen to fame over a decade ago during the Pick 10 era, Nadeshot has finally reached breaking point with the Gunsmith, which has continued to evolve in wacky ways.

"Why the f**k do these devs come up with a million, trillion, different attachments and then say, 'f**k it, we're going to add one more called an Aftermarket Part'?" Nadeshot erupted on Stream, after being killed by the JAK Maglift Kit.

"You've got to do seven different challenges, you've got to rub your belly and pat your head while your boys are edging you, to unlock this conversion kit, and it's going to unlock a new f**king level of attachments for this gun. Explain that to me like I'm 12."

Aftermarket Parts continue to plague Modern Warfare 3

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The Aftermarket Parts are only especially troublesome in Modern Warfare 3 having yet to have fully taken over Warzone, and Ranked Play comes as a safe haven given that they are restricted.

However, Nadeshot's sentiment was echoed by fans, who are growing tired of these overpowered kits.

"Unlocking everything takes hours that most people don't [have] and I agree the challenges are the worst," added a fan.

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Nadeshot has since found the joys of Warzone Mobile and has continued another stint of streaming Ranked, and will continue to do so while Season 3 kicks into gear.

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