Nadeshot Backs Tarik Following JasonR Sexism Drama

Nadeshot Backs Tarik Following JasonR Sexism Drama
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Emma Hill


30th Mar 2022 14:12

Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag has jumped to support Tarik "Tarik" Celik after he got into a heated dispute with Jason "jasonR" Ruchelski. Tarik came under fire from his former friend for failing to stick up for him following 'sexism' allegations. 

The jasonR controversy has been a hot topic across the streaming community after he was called out for 'dodging' teaming up with female players and muting female fans in his chat. The VALORANT player denied any such claims, but a wave of female players flooded Twitter with the accusations. As one Twitter user claimed: "He will full screen his cam so you don’t see, then mute/dc if there is a girl on his team. He is manipulating his audience and gaslighting them by saying he crashed every time. Refuses to address any allegations as well."

As streamers began to boycott jasonR in their droves, jasonR called out his old friend Tarik for not defending him against the allegations and it sparked a heated debate between the two. Now, 100 Thieves CEO Nadeshot has praised Tarik for his actions.

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jasonR And Tarik Clash Following 'Sexism' Allegations

Following on from the 'sexism' accusations against jasonR, the streamer maintained his innocence. However, things got heated live on stream after jasonR and Tarik bumped into each other during a game together. jasonR called out his teammate for being an "L-Friend" and said: "You are in a position to tell people that jasonR is not the person that these people are trying to label me as. You are in that position, and you chose to be quiet. You have defended and shut down and banned certain people, but you have not gone out and told people and given a character witness of me."

However, Tarik hit back saying "there is undeniable, indisputable evidence that you clearly dodge queue vs girls." He continued: "If I play with you, it makes it seem like I support that behaviour, and I don't know why you do it – it's your personal reason, your private matter but I don't agree with it and I think it is weird."

Nadeshot Responds To jasonR And Tarik Beef

Amid the ongoing feud between the two VALORANT players, Nadeshot lent his opinion to the drama, despite previously saying he wouldn't "damage his legacy" by getting involved in social media wars. During his Twitch stream on March 23, the 29-year-old stated: "Tarik, if this motherf*cker actually had a problem with you, he would've sent you a message saying 'Hey I got something to talk to you about [...] He said it in a game while you guys were on stream, he knew what he was doing. You shouldn't feel bad, and the internet's going to pick a side no matter what."

jasonR has since released an apology following the accusations, but given how he has frequently denied any such wrongdoing on numerous occasions, it may not be enough for some. Nadeshot, meanwhile, is working hard to become the oldest college esports pro and has been teasing a 100 Thieves Halo: Infinite team.

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