MW3 Zombies community demands improvements to 'terrible loot'

MW3 Zombies community demands improvements to 'terrible loot'
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Alex Garton


4th Dec 2023 17:25

It's fair to admit that Modern Warfare 3's Zombies didn't get the best reception when it was initially announced, with the community disappointed by the DMZ-style open-world format.

Since it's been released, there's been a lot of praise for the high-risk, high-reward experience that Operation Deadbolt offers. Diving down into an undead wasteland and having to extract the rewards is an exciting gameplay loop.

However, obtaining this loot has become a point of frustration for some players, who claim their matches often result in them finding "terrible" items.

This has led fans to slam the loot as a "complete and utter joke," calling on Treyarch to fix the problem as quickly as possible.

MW3 Zombies fans slam loot as a "complete and utter joke"

Taking to the CoDZombies subreddit, user u/ryantar decided to voice their frustration about the state of loot in Operation Deadbolt. For them, the current loot distribution "doesn't make sense," and you're not rewarded appropriately for the contracts during a match.

This is not an isolated complaint, with countless players in the thread arguing that they're constantly receiving sub-par items, and it feels like it's impossible to get rare loot.

"For a hardcore player, the game is HUGELY stale right now, both in terms of most challenging areas and end-game loot," said one competitor, with another arguing, "I have somewhere around 40 T3 contracts done and haven't even gotten a schematic, it's infuriating."

The whole point of MW3 Zombies is the thrill of finding a high-level item and escaping the map alive. However, at the moment, it seems all players can find are Green and Blue tools.

Zombies players argue it's not worth venturing into Tier 3

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The main issue appears to be the balancing of Tier 3 locations, which are intended to be the most challenging areas on the map. You would assume this is where you need to go to find rare items, but players argue this is not the case.

According to them, the items in Tier 3 are just not worth it, so there's no point risking their character for the rewards. In their opinion, "Green tools shouldn't spawn in T3," and Treyarch needs to give competitors more of an incentive to venture into the deadliest areas.

"Absolutely correct, Tier 3 is 95% running and barely getting to fight because of how quick zombies are to drain your shield and health, doing contracts are super stressful," said one user, with another claiming "Tier 3 is the only late game content and there is zero incentive for me to go there."

With a lot of Zombies fans craving endgame content, Tier 3 in Urzikstan just isn't cutting it. Let's hope Treyarch has some fixes or fresh ideas in the pipeline, or Operation Deadbolt may suffer a similar fate to DMZ.

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