MW3 Stash House has a genius OG Nuketown reference

MW3 Stash House has a genius OG Nuketown reference
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Jack Marsh

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8th Feb 2024 15:20

Stash House has arrived in Modern Warfare 3 with a bang. Players love it, developers love it, viewers love it. The only person who doesn't like it will be the owner, who will be charged with scraping charred brains off the wall and picking limbs out of the fireplace.

But Sledgehammer Games' newest tiny map actually pays homage to the OG house-based party map, Nuketown, after making one uncanny reference.

Stash House reference Nuketown in ingenious fashion


If you remember Nuketown well, you'll know the big yellow house has a chimney primed to accept flying grenades. The fireplace served like a magnet for cross-map explosives, turning the front room into a firework display. 

Sledgehammer Games has now added this same carnage to Stash House, taking to social media to showcase how a grenade will fit through the chimney and land in the open-plan house.

"Paying respects to the OGs," Sledgehammer Games said on Twitter following one fan noticing the flashback. To make things even worse, grenades got a recent buff, taking its damage over 250 HP, which will be meddlesome on the map without trophy systems and flak jackets.

MW3 fans adore the Season 2 map Stash House


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Stash House is just one of three original maps added to Modern Warfare 3 in Season 2, and while Vista and Departures are tailored towards competitive play, the first impressions are that this is one of the best DLC maps ever.

"You guys have absolutely killed it with this game and this season. Props to you Sledgehammer this is some of the most fun I’ve ever had playing cod multiplayer," one fan said. "Sledgehammer has a knack for making great original small maps. Das Haus, Meat, and now Stash House," another added.

The map also has more than one reference in it too, as there's also a Breaking Bad Easter egg to be spied...if you know where to look. Either way, MW3 is back, and it looks like Sledgehammer Games is cooking.

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